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Hitters and Sitters Pvp Event


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I'm running a pvp event on Excelsior that is centered around farming. Farmer captains will pl their teams from 1 to 50, taking breaks to go to the arena and pew pew other teams. Signups and details in this thread:


This is the most casual pvp I think the game will currently permit. If you're a captain, you need to do some farming with your farm character. Everyone else just needs to show up with a brand new alt, get leveled, and punch other lowbies. There will be no incarnates and no maxed out IO builds. The only enhancements allowed (in matches, not the farms) are SOs when they become relevant. I'm looking to recreate pvp as it was like in the early days when builds weren't completely broken and it was silly fun.


The other thing of note is that I'm offering custom 3d printed busts of the farmers/captains as participation prizes. 

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2 hours ago, The_Warpact said:



You might get more traction here or on the Excelsior thread. Good luck!


Thanks! This section gets far more traffic than the Excelsior forum and the arena section combined, so I was hoping to get some bites. I'm also not looking for dedicated pvpers, just regular players who want to do something different for the duration of an event. 

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Also going to throw this in here incase people don't follow the link. The captains/farmers of the teams will get a custom 3d printed bust of their character as a reward for participating, win or lose. It would be similar to this Juri Han (from the Streetfighter games) print--most like likely with a slightly more elaborate base and neck or shoulders up, rather than waist up:



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Not a PVPer, but very nice print!


I'm curious, back on Live there was someone offering 3D sculpts, but the process was iffy and intricate. How are you handling the game-to-STL (I assume) process?


And good luck with the event, I'll tell my pvping friends to check it out!




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