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  1. Thanks! This section gets far more traffic than the Excelsior forum and the arena section combined, so I was hoping to get some bites. I'm also not looking for dedicated pvpers, just regular players who want to do something different for the duration of an event.
  2. Hola, I'm running a pvp event on Excelsior that is centered around farming. Farmer captains will pl their teams from 1 to 50, taking breaks to go to the arena and pew pew other teams. Signups and details in this thread: This is the most casual pvp I think the game will currently permit. If you're a captain, you need to do some farming with your farm character. Everyone else just needs to show up with a brand new alt, get leveled, and punch other lowbies. There will be no incarnates and no maxed out IO builds. The only enhancements allowed (in matches, not the farms) a
  3. Ugh, sorry for the confusion. No, you don't have to pl on an SOed farmer. What I mean is, everyone in the pvp matches has to be SOed. So I was picturing the farmers as either using one of their build slots to bring in an SOed version, or if that isn't possible for some reason they can bring in a lvl 50 SOed double of the farm character. Also, the SO build that the farmer brings in to pvp with doesn't have to be designed for farming. It can and should be aimed at pvp. Regarding the farmers being in matches--i'm flexible on that. We can decide as a group if we get enough captains to
  4. Is she on Excelsior? If not can she or another farmer move there? EVERY captain that participates will get a 3d printed bust of their character. You don't have to win the event or anything to get that prize.
  5. Hey peeps, I'm organizing a casual pvp event on Excelsior server. The idea is to get a group of farmers, each of which will have a team of door sitters who start as brand new level one characters. As the teams level, they will face of against the other teams at specific intervals (eg. 1, 20, 38, 50). The only enhancements participants will be allowed to use are SOs. No incarnates, no IOs. So you can hang out, have crazy lowbie pvp brawls, and get an alt farmed to 50. It's also a great opportunity to play characters that aren't good for the current high end pvp meta: warshades
  6. The hitters have to do the most work. They have to farm for the sitters, finalize the rules together, coordinate their teams and so on. For taking these duties on, I'm thinking of modeling and 3d printing custom bust/trophies for each farmer. Something similar to this, probably a little less complicated (maybe from the shoulders up instead of the upper torso.
  7. If you want to be a sitter, all I really need to know for signups is generally what you're interested in playing (defender, SOA, Warshade, etc.). You can even wait to settle on the specific build after you are on a team and see what other people want to play. The main thing is to spread out ATs. I don't want teams full of 1 kind of character.
  8. Back on live I was a PVPEC server rep for Protector server. I and the other reps ran a variety of casual events in order to promote interest in pvp. I would like to create a scene like that on Excelsior where people can just drop in and have some silly fun pew pewing each other without needing to have optimized, thoroughly enhanced pvp builds or significant experience spiking or evading spikes. To that end, I want to try running events that only allow Single Origin enhancements and no incarnates (not even alpha). It's not like pre-IO pvp was perfectly balanced but I think it will go a good wa
  9. This is my spine scrapper, influenced by the work of an absurdist, body horror manga artist named Shintaro Kago:
  10. Finished that version of the pinup:
  11. I've been working on my comic for a while but recently took a break to do some pinups. Here's the most recent wip:
  12. The passive bonus to crit rate and the %50 bonus proc only apply to scrapper primary powers. Am I understanding that correctly?
  13. You need to take a stab at that Resident Evil: Village eight foot tall vampire lady lol.
  14. Okay here's the color version. Hope you like!
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