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  1. What's up dood? Are you still drawing?
  2. Here's another promo piece for the webcomic:
  3. Hey peeps, I did the title page for the webcomic I'm working on. The project is starting to come together.
  4. I'm starting work on a webcomic and thought it might be helpful to have another artist basically do concept art for what a couple of characters look like. I commissioned Flashtoo for clean lines of the two and gave her a description and a style sheet that featured a bunch of things that might be appropriate--but I didn't have an actual set design. I got the linework today: I'm very pleased. I think she nailed what I was going for and it was a good commission experience. She sent me updates, asked for clarification if she needed it, incorporated my feedback and had a pretty quick turnaround. Check her out if you're looking to have a character done.
  5. Okay I took a stab at this based on Queen's line's:
  6. Ah Asenath, I always felt bad for the real Asenath and wondered where she ended up.
  7. I sent it to an email address that I found that dates back to 2010. If I have something more recent, I don't know where it is. I know I did some head sketches in 2017, but I don't have an email from that time. Sorry the PSD is only one layer. I've been trying to be more decisive in my digital art, so if I'm satisfied with something I flatten it and then keep working.
  8. If you pm me an email address I'll send you the full size PSD, unless you want it in some other format.
  9. I'm going to call this one done:
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