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  1. Ah Asenath, I always felt bad for the real Asenath and wondered where she ended up.
  2. I sent it to an email address that I found that dates back to 2010. If I have something more recent, I don't know where it is. I know I did some head sketches in 2017, but I don't have an email from that time. Sorry the PSD is only one layer. I've been trying to be more decisive in my digital art, so if I'm satisfied with something I flatten it and then keep working.
  3. If you pm me an email address I'll send you the full size PSD, unless you want it in some other format.
  4. I'm going to call this one done:
  5. That's really helpful Chris thank you!
  6. Yeah I was going to keep working on it after I made sure you didn't hate it or something. I'll post progress pics here.
  7. Hello guys, It's October, the time of year when I habitually draw sexy witches, so here's Chris' Chloe radiation-bathing on Shivans: Also, here's a variation on my blaster, Mere Mal Faire: It's not a particularly interesting portrait, but I'm pretty hyped because it's based off of a 3d render and a set of non-photorealistic render filters which are now part of ZBrush. I've been doing a lot of work and research on a pipeline that make 3d viable for a webcomic. And this was fast and fairly straightforward with decent results. Which leads me to questions about this type of project. What I'm planning is an erotic comic that I would release via Patreon. Does anyone subscribe to anything like this? My main focus would be the comic so I'm a little vague on reward tiers. I could do sketches, related pinups, maybe a discord where people at a certain level can ask questions/give feedback/make requests/etc. But I'm also a bit wary about offering too much to the extent that I get sidetracked from the actual comic. Anyone have any thoughts?
  8. So three relatively small tweaks. I lassoed each eye and scaled it to 90% of what it was. I made the mouth 90% as well and brought in the smile lines a bit. And I raised the eyebrows up a bit.
  9. I did some tweaking in Photoshop. I hope that's ok, it's easier to just show what I'm thinking than describe it. Basically I think the facial features are too large in relation to the head size:
  10. I've done 3d for a long time, but usually as an asset for 2d illustration. Both of these pieces were digital paintovers of a 3d base: I bought a 3d printer earlier this year, so I've been focusing more on sculpts that could actually be printed. I did this Juri Han (Street Fighter character) sculpt: I printed out the base and the three heads with different expressions. The heads connect to the base with a piece of armature wire so that you can turn and angle the head if you want. I haven't gotten around to painting it. Recently I've been working on a Selina Kyle sculpt:
  11. I did everything myself. I modeled it in ZBrush and printed it with my Prusa MK3 printer. I painted it with regular acrylic paint, which was a mistake. The acrylics didn't adhere well to the plastic and took several coats to get an even surface. Since then I bought Vallejo model paints.
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