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  1. The passive bonus to crit rate and the %50 bonus proc only apply to scrapper primary powers. Am I understanding that correctly?
  2. You need to take a stab at that Resident Evil: Village eight foot tall vampire lady lol.
  3. Okay here's the color version. Hope you like!
  4. Ok, here's the black and white version. I changed things a bit to bring It more in line with the reference. I hope the French is correct. Will be figuring out the color next.
  5. I am too, but since he's the only honest one I don't think his chances are that great.
  6. Glad you like it! And thanks for the ref. I'm still working out the line art and then I'll render it out. I'll post the final here when I'm done:)
  7. It's more of a general tribute to the artist. If she wants me to put the eyepatch in, I can.
  8. I doubt any of that would solve the problem. People simply can't keep their bias to themselves. In my experience on Homecoming, political bitchfests usually are the result of someone making a joke or observation that they simply think is reality. And of course they assume everyone agrees with them and what they said isn't political. People respond, it elevates, and then all the angry gatekeepers chime in and scold them about talking politics. You can always ignore someone that's pissing you off, but another weird quirk of this community is that there are people who reject this bec
  9. It's been a while since I did coh art, but here is my arachnos soldier Noodz:
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