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An interesting observation about target_location not working all the time


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A use the target_location macro a lot.


The are occasions when they refuses to work sometimes. ITF towers for instance.


I was in a team running those ruin maps with all the werewolf spawns.


I use "target_location target" for both tar patch and whirlpool.


Tar patch was failing about 30% of the time on that map. Whirlpool always worked.


I fired them back to back on the same targets.  


Both have the same 25 radius. Tar patch shows as location AOE. Whirlpool is a pseudo pet.


Just mentioning it in case it helps troubleshoot these issues in the code.


City of data entries:



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1 hour ago, Wavicle said:

Yeah, I don't really know why, but there are places where targetlocation doesn't work or doesn't work as expected. I think it's just a side effect of the command being added late in the game not at the beginning.

That's why I wanted to point this odd difference between those two powers. Maybe it will provide a clue.

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