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Blueside Completionist oddities


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So, when you go to complete Redside you can do every contact.  Mostly.  Except VEAT contact if not a VEAT.  


Blueside.  Sigh.  Lady you vex me.


In the 5-9 I completed:



David Wincott

Detective Jose Brogan


Genevieve Sanders

Paula Dempsey

Ron Hughes

Samuel Pierce


This left uncompleted.


Henry Peter Wong

Juan Jimenez

Kip Cantorum

Laurence Mansfield

Linda Summers

Maurice Feldon

Paco Sanchez

Rachel Torres

Tony Kord

Vic Johansson


I ran a Safeguard and no contact was offered.  I checked each contact.  They all appear to be content I ran on the 5-9 group I completed. (Although a lot of this boring drivel could be different and not sure I would catch it...)


I remember from trying this back on live this was an issue.  I assume I have completed all POSSIBLE 5-9 content...  


Does this continue on all through 50 or does this happy horse crap end at some point?

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The ones you "missed" are duplicates of contacts you did:


Brogan – Johansson, Torres

Dempsey – Feldon, Kord

Hughes – Jimenez, Summers

Pierce – Cantorum, Wong

Sanders – Mansfield, Sanchez


This reaches its peak in the 20-24 range where there are thirty contacts with five sets of missions between them. 25-29 and 30-34 have at most two contacts per mission set, and two i0 contacts with unique sets (Christine Lansdale and Phillipa Meraux), then all contacts from 35+ are unique.


On each of the following pages, each column represents contacts sharing a mission set.







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9 hours ago, ranagrande said:

Is there a way to do both Weber and Fire Wire in the beginning?

What Apparition said. Also, youre a Redsider. Right.  So do Not kill the NPC at the end of the arc. (If you do Weber first).  Because when you Ouro Firewire the last thing he does is send you to talk to the schmuck. Had to have a GM save me on that point or would mot get badge.  I kill less NPCs when badging now.  So frustrating

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