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Cannot open "Click this DataLink to open the build" links in the forum


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I have Mids installed, but the "Click this DataLink" links fall over and die. When clicking on them, I get the expected "Open mids_build.mxd" prompt with Mids Reborn as the default choice, but when I accept this, I get the error "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable", with a file browse pointing to the folder where the install file was located. Selecting 'Browse' and picking the install file produces the error "The file xxxxxxx is not a valid installation package for the product MidsReborn" and then goes through three separate window closures to exit the attempt at import.


Initially, I thought the problem might be that the installation file was "MRB Setup.msi", while the file dialog was looking for "MRB_setup.msi", but that shouldn't make a difference once the file was selected. Attempting to repair the installation failed; with 'MRB Setup.msi' not producing a UAC prompt requesting permission, and therefore failing for lack of rights. Uninstalling completely worked, then downloading a new copy of the MSI file and installing (default location) worked, and the program will open builds from my hard drive normally, as well as the 'copy and paste this text' block from builds in the forums, but still produced the same failure to recognize the installer as a valid install package when I try to click on the "Click this DataLink" links.


Working a hunch, I uninstalled Mids Reborn once more and reinstalled it, selecting "Only for me" instead of 'for everyone" during the installation, and after starting up following installation, I clicked on a "Click on this DataLink" link in the forums, and the build opened correctly in Mids. Somewhere in the install for all users on the computer (not really needed, since I'm the only user), it fails to establish the proper setup to open the forum data links. It looks as if a workaround -- if you have more than one person using the computer with Mids Reborn -- is to make separate individual installs for each user, but I have not verified this.

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