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Stats, because our favorite game is Number Munchers

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@Cipher was wondering if you can make an update to your statistics for New Years, as the last update was March 2020. I understand everyone is busy with everything on their plate. I know I can't be alone in enjoying the comparative nature of historic trends in the data especially in relationship to ATs and Powerset given the changes introduced since the last stats update.



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Would you really want that update now, or in March 2022 when we'd see the full effect of the latest issue on those statistics? Personally I'd rather know how all the new earth combos rank or how the updated electric blast set does as well since it has already been as long as it has been since the statistics have been released. Plus having it at the 2 year mark would be a convenient marker for when to expect updates to statistics.

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13 minutes ago, Gwyrddu said:

having it at the 2 year mark would be a convenient marker for when to expect updates to statistics.

True, although the march 2020 update wasn't spaced exactly spaced out a year after the first one was done and we didn't have one back in March either.


Realistically I'd just be happy digging through the data sets, I don't even need fancy graphs and an executive summary like some people.


So if it was released in March that'd be fine with me too, or honestly if there was a page on the website that we could pull live data based on the based on data points that we could clamp to say monthly, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month periods that would be amazing.


Then again maybe they want to hold back some data regarding player activity, because we've no doubt seen a drop-off in concurrent players over the last couple of years. Even so, since the data isn't tied to anyone's job security, I don't see how having access to it can hurt to have access. but I do understand the added work flow to make something like that a possibility and given that this is a volunteer passion project.

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I also liked the thread which showed the percentage of players taking certain powers.

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Current obsession(s): Dual boxing CoV(Savage/rad brute, Dark/savage tank)

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