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  1. My archery/nin sentinel and claws/nin scrapper
  2. Gwyrddu

    New primary

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned this yet, but why not have a primary where you summon mutants like the outcasts? You can then intersperse the summons with psychic attacks. Hell it certainly wouldn't be the first primary directly inspired by an X-Men character *cough* Wolverine. Wheelchairs of course not included.
  3. Gwyrddu


    I haven't played a rad blaster before, but based on your planned playstyle I'd suggest devices. You've got built in stealth/recovery/regen, a damage/hit boosting drone, the ability to lay out mines for anything that gets close, a high powered stun gun, and even your t1 is better because of the inherent slow.
  4. I'm pretty sure all the T1 powers are suppose to be either single target buffs or single target debuffs. So you could switch places with say force bolt but not the T9 power. That honestly sounds like a painful combo to (solo) level. I have a level 19 DP/Cold corruptor right now and other than my one primary hold the only mitigation I have are the two cold abilities, I can't imagine replacing them with just a ST knockdown and a personal force field that in reality ends up being just used as a travel power. I mean it works OK for my grav/ff controller because I already start off with so much crowd control. Well I guess you do get detention field, so once that goes online you should get a big jump in survivability...
  5. Devices doesn't, and I don't believe Tactical Arrow does either. I think those are your only two real options if you don't want to skip a bunch of powers.
  6. Superman doesn't need his heat vision to burn people.
  7. Just for future reference you can always check out the character statistics to find out how many level 50 characters have that class combo on the servers (it's in the general discussion forum). For Ice/Cold controllers there were 118 of them as of March of this year, with a ranking of 23/135 possible combos. Now some of that is undoubtedly because it's a thematic combo, but still if the build was problematic the number would be lower for level 50 characters. Edit: Although if you want to check out how electric affinity does the stats don't help you there, that secondary wasn't introduced until after the stats were release in March.
  8. I always thought poison and pain domination were thematically the most villainous secondaries for corruptors, but I can't comment on their effectiveness since the only corruptor I have is a dp/cold corruptor. Speaking of which, I was surprised that "Cold Gun" was available as a name. I almost went with that but decided on "Cold Pun" instead.
  9. It seems to me that certain powersets can be pretty survivable leveling on a blaster if you avoid melee and the powersets support such a playstyle. For example I have dark/devices blaster and a claws/ninjutsu scrapper both at level 18 and I'm looking at their statistics right now which shows my blaster to be a little more survivable (less damage taken both absolutely and as a ratio of damage output and less debt xp compared to my scrapper). Both have only been soloing btw.
  10. Scrappers walk into a group of enemies and start wailing away. Stalkers invisible move up to the strongest enemy, use their version of assassin's strike to take him down before waling on the rest of your opponents. Stalker sets have to replace one of their primary strikes with an assassin's strike, sometimes that's an improvement, sometimes it's a loss. They also have to replace a secondary power with hide, again with mixed affect on the power of that armor. Stalkers also have placate to temporarily go invisible again, while scrappers have confront to taunt an enemy. Stalkers have slightly fewer hit points and I think scrappers do slightly more damage in a straight up fight. In short, a stalker and scrapper can end up playing quite differently even if they have the same primary and secondary. Edit: Also, scrappers have follow up, an attack that improves damage of subsequent attacks for a little while, whereas stalkers have build up which is a self buff that improves damage and accuracy for a little while.
  11. I've been doing pretty well with a claws/ninjutsu scrapper so far, just in case you were looking for something that does pair well with claws. The advantages of the claws set is it's fast, has good aoe and low endurance usage so a lot of secondaries should work with it, but I'd think for a regen set you'd probably want a primary that's more controllerish (I think, I haven't tried making a regen scrapper yet).
  12. Most but not all blind people can tell whether they are in light or shadow. Unless they specifically say that Daredevil can't tell light from shadow it's not an assumption you could make just based on his blindness, even if his other senses weren't also heightened.
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