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Starting over - with no level 50 influence love...


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It's been...well, years since I played a low level character. And before the game shut down, when I did, we had nifty things like Global Email to send alts influence easily. And before that, there was a delightful guy named @piggybank who had a few alts on various servers who would trade inf on one server to give your inf on another.


So..here's my question. After playing one character, and finally figuring out I could use Reward merits to get SOs (seemingly cheaper, or at least faster than waiting until level 22 and paying large sums in the store), I

found that my characters were out-leveling the TO's so quickly, that for a couple of missions today, it was like I didn't have any enhancements at all.


I was curious - do you folks even bother with TOs in levels 1-10? Or do you just use the drops that you can use? Or do you sell all of them?


For those of you that team frequently, I suspect levels 1-15 go by in about 90 minutes, perhaps faster on a good team with a leader that has a clue about mission selection (zone choices, etc)


I was curious what the strategies some of you use to outfit your characters now that they don't have the inf love from the alts.

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I never bothered with TOs. I'll slot any DOs or SOs that drop but right from 15 I'll start crafting what IOs I can. You don't out level IOs so once I've filled a slot the bonus is permanent. I'd try for set bonuses now and again but mostly just standard IOs filled out my character. At 50 is when I'd start actually bothering with sets.

Rerolling far too often, even by this game's standards.

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