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Is Build Momentum worth it?


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My stone/titan_weapons tank took Build Momentum (BM) at level 32, since I haven't yet seen the need for Granite Armor.  Now having played about half a level, BM doesn't seem very useful.  It's effect only lasts 10 seconds, and when playing with a group there is often too much chaos to plan the ideal time for BM.  Even solo or paired, I don't see how it will be very useful.  BTW, he has Tactics, so extra toHit is already part of his build.  (Yes, I know BM gives 10 seconds of even higher toHit, but "meh".)  Mud Pots are running, Brimstone Armor is granting extra damage, and I don't seem to need BM.


Are other TW users getting effective use from BM?  If so, what is your secret to making it useful?  If not, I'll probably respec and take a support power like Teleport Target instead.

-- Rock

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Build Momentum works best as an opener. Use it when you don't have momentum, such as when you lost momentum while traveling between groups, and then you don't need to waste time on a slow attack to get into your fast animations. But even if you don't use it for that, it's still a solid damage buff to just use whenever it's up.

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