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  1. IIRC travel powers at level 4 was a thing back on Live in one of the last few issues. +1 for account wide unlocks for some things. I'd love to get account-wide unlocks for Accolade powers, for example, even if it took some up-front time to earn.
  2. I don't know about the defense numbers, but it's at least worth noting that Combat Teleport now exists and makes it massively easier to get out of patches like that.
  3. I just soloed Vandal at the end of the Citadel TF on my Elec/Bio Sentinel. Admittedly, I was using all three Amplifiers + Envenomed Daggers to combat the regen. Anyway, using the nuke, short circuit, and my single-target attacks, I had him drained to zero before he was below half health. He'd still get a tick back every few seconds and attack, but the overall effect was that he wasn't attacking nearly as often for the second half of the fight.
  4. With SOs, it's roughly a coin toss, IIRC. With IOs, you want 2 End Mod IOs of the highest level you can use, plus the proc. The diminishing returns from ED means 2 level 50 IOs is almost as good as 3 SOs, and going to 3 IOs doesn't benefit you that much. Fourth slot is generally not worth it unless you're desperate for more End.
  5. Here's my rough understanding: Brutes have lower base damage than tankers. A Brute with enhancements + fury has higher damage than a Tanker with enhancements. Brutes have a higher damage modifier cap than Tankers. So, in a situation with lots of red inspirations or team buffs, Brute damage should be much higher than Tanker damage. Tankers have higher target caps on their multi-target attacks and larger cones. That means a Tanker can hit more targets than a Brute with the same multi-target attack. Tankers have higher base HP, higher max HP, and larger base numbers
  6. I started the winter event with about 200 mil, which is the most I've ever saved up. I've been buying Winter packs, opening them, and selling most of the contents for pretty much the whole event so far. Started out doing 10 at a time, then upgraded to 20 and now 30. The steady profit from that has brought me up to around 800 mil now. I'm thinking I'll probably hit 1 billion, then buy 100 packs to re-sell after the event. That should bring me to the inf cap for the first time, which is a fun personal achievement.
  7. Baseline SO slotting: 1 Accuracy (except auto-hit powers and toggles) 3 of whatever the power's primary purpose is (e.g. damage, control, healing, resist, etc.). More than 3 is pointless due to massive diminishing returns. 1 Endurance Cost Redux on each of your most costly powers 1 Recharge on most slow attacks 3 recharge on stuff like Aim, Build Up, and other long recharge buffs. For powers like Midnight Grasp that take a ton of different enhancements, you generally want to pick one effect to focus on and only slot the other stuff if you have extra slots. E.
  8. Put it this way: if you have a max Fury bar AND damage enhancements, you'll deal almost 4x base damage. If you have the max Fury bar and do NOT have damage enhancements, you'll only deal 3x base damage. There is no reason to give up on a quarter of your potential damage output.
  9. I've got a Staff/Fire/Mu Brute that I enjoy farming with. Not the fastest farmer, of course, but good enough. I'm getting ready to invest in taking him from casual farmer to blinged out farmer, but I need to figure out what a good attack chain actually looks like. Any idea what I should be doing beyond spamming my biggest AoEs as they recharge?
  10. IIRC they were supposed to be "Origin" power pools: Force of Will = Natural Sorcery = Magic Experimentation = Science Gadgets (not released yet) = Tech I forget if the Mutant one ever had a name. They have some fun uses on certain builds, but you're right that they aren't super popular. As far as I can tell, the big issue is that they don't offer an equivalent of Combat Jumping, Hasten, or Hover, which are three of the best and most popular pool powers. And if you're already taking one of those, you might as well take the Travel power from the same pool. Attac
  11. For your first character, don't expect to have much money until you've leveled up a lot. Sell the things you find as drops according to this rough guide: Enhancements: vendor Salvage: vendor or Auction House Common and Uncommons, always Auction rares Recipes: vendor Common, Auction House Uncommon and Rare Merits: go to a Merit Vendor and spend them on Enhancement Boosters or Converters, then sell those on the Auction House Once you have a character who is slotted up with SOs or basic IOs and has a few million INF to spare, then you can start thinking about various w
  12. If you're looking for something more advanced, and have money to burn, here are two useful guides that will tell you about specific IOs that will give you a lot of bang for your buck.
  13. If you're just starting out: If the power needs Accuracy, put in 1 Accuracy enhancement. If the power deals Damage, put in 3 Damage enhancements. If the power does something else, put in up to 3 enhancements of whatever it is that power does (e.g. 3 Heal enhancements in a healing power, 3 Defense enhancements in a Defense power). (More than 3 of a kind starts getting hit HARD by diminishing returns.) If it's a toggle (except for a few very cheap ones like Combat Jumping) or it uses a lot of Endurance, put in 1 Endurance Cost Reduction enhancement. If it has
  14. Personally, I think Gravity is much better suited to Controllers than Dominators. Compared to most other control sets, Gravity has fewer control/debuff powers in exchange for Lift and Propel, two direct damage powers. On a Controller, those get boosted by Containment, so they add substantially to your single-target DPS. On a Dominator, Lift and Propel don't benefit from Domination, and you've already got plenty of direct attacks in your secondary. That said, if you want to play a primarily ranged Dominator, Grav/Martial does makes thematic sense. You can take all the shuriken power
  15. I tried this on my Dark/Savage Dom today. With the Recharge bonus from my Base and paying for Offense Amplifier, I got perma-dom at level 25. The key bonuses are... * LOTG in Stealth, Grant Invis, Manuevers, and Combat Jumping * 4-slot Basilisk's Gaze in my ST hold * 5-slot Dominator ATOs in the AoE stun * 4-slot Cloud Senses in the fear cone * 5-slot Positron's Blast in Unkindness * 4-slot Call to Arms in Haunt That adds up to 65% Recharge, +20% from base, +15% from offense amplifier, for a total of +100% global recharge. Obviously, this is
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