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Zone clock displayed in zone map


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This is only a Quality of Life suggestion, not a must have...


It would be convenient, specially missions that requires a kill between certain zone times, that the clock of the zone be displayed within the map of the zone.


Only a suggestion




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Considering the condensed time the game uses, a game time clock could be interesting to implement. Something a bit more noticeable for day/time in some zones would definitely be appreciated though. Some zones, I have no idea what time of day it is in game and some street sweep mobs are only available at night. (Looking at you, Grandville, as the worst offender for "What time is it anyway?") Croatoa is pretty easy, when you're in town. Look for the ghosts. Which are the time dependent mobs to street sweep anyway.


Regardless, another indicator for day/night cycle would be appreciated for across the zones.

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5 minutes ago, SeraphimKensai said:

Ask and ye shall receive...type in the chat box in-game /showtime 1


To deactivate /showtime 0


Each game day is 30 real minutes.

I thought all this did was activate and deactivate my in game Showtime subscription...

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