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Geometry in Arachnos Base mission map


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5 minutes ago, AlienMafia said:

It would be in a bunch of maps and maybe just the map tile can be edited so that when it is loaded into maps, it would fix all of them. Unless each map is a file then that is a lot of editin

From a conversation with Positron at SDCC one of the years NCsoft exhibited there, the maps are made up of pre-made sections that are fitted together. Unfortunately, the map tool they had doesn't align the sections automatically -- if you've ever encountered a map that had a black wall across a corridor (but generally only from one side), that's an example of adjacent blocks not being aligned properly (this was a running problem with the new office maps when CoV was released). I had asked him about this in connection with the release of AE, wondering if it would be possible to have a drag-and-drop map editor for AE missions, but apparently the map blocks had to be aligned by hand, and they didn't have the resources to modify the map creator to do it right (a running excuse for Paragon Studios to not do things).

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