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  1. I was a streamer and youtuber for the game i know the rules. I tested this out again and it didnt happen again. It might be because of the salvage rack but i really dont think it was because of that. Not sure anymore 😞
  2. No I'll make a video on it when I get home.
  3. It takes a catalyst away when you fill the catalyst slot when combining and a second when you hit the Combine button. If this was intended and didn't see it in any patch notes than just delete this post
  4. Im getting this exact same thing with same launcher
  5. Not really an error but an old OCD but can this be centered in the middle of portal corps. been off center forever.
  6. np. It was just weird that for months have had no issues then all of a sudden
  7. I ended up fixing it by reinstalling everything in a different folder. Just weird how one day it was working fine and the next, with no changes to anything, it didnt.
  8. Still not working. Tried the antivirus and did not help. It seems to crash when updating/downloading cityofheroes.exe. I tried to do a fresh install to try and fix and now im locked out of the game entirely. Im lost and wish there was a crash report for Tequila https://youtu.be/6VRu7w3z-C8
  9. Ill check that but weird that it has been working for months and the day before then all of a sudden just after downloading something it crashes every time. Ill check later
  10. rebooting did not work. Any file log i can give to help?
  11. didnt have a windows update and the updater shows nothing new. Ill try a reboot later.
  12. 32 bit version is working but the 64 bit is no longer working as of today for me (same person as AlienMob, just on wrong account)
  13. Shock animation has been in the game well over a decade.
  14. I dont see myself using bombardment at all without the AoE def. If I'm building a toon that need recharge, there are so many other options and resist is not really a desire for most builds other than tanks/brutes in which case hardly ever have a targeted AoE power. But this is why I say, to me, this set is just another one to sell cause 99% of the time there is something better. Doesnt compete to what already exists
  15. Oh oh nvm. I mis read the 6 piece To add though too is bombardment is just garbage now to me
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