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Tintable Power Slide?

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what I'd like to see:


Make the base ground movement animation style a property of a COSTUME, not powers per se. If you select Ninja, you ALWAYS move on the ground like a ninja, even if you're a pathetically slow-moving ninja if you aren't even sprinting.


You can then switch movement styles on the fly by switching costumes. This is perfect if your character concept is a mild mannered reporter who is secretly a Ninja, and even MORE secretly a werewolf.


Then merge the actual mechanical sprint-like abilities into single inherent sprint power, and prestige run powers into a new inherent "prestige run" power. they no longer change animations, they just give performance boosts.


I'd also like to see a "floating" ground movement style, which uses the hover animation to float a few inches off the ground, but can't actually levitate. I'm currently using power slide as the next-best substitute for characters that I really want to float.



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