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Help with my hopeful PermaDom build


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Need some assistance possibly, I'm pulling +152.5% Recharge and wondering if I need more for PermaDom? I see that 123% is need but other say more is needed for a buffer, but they don't say how much more. 








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Psionic Dart to Decimation +6.25 recharge, 1 extra slot


Fearsome Stare to cloudy sense, same 6.25 recharge, +1 proc, +1 extra slot can move else where.  Recharge is low enough you can just cast it again to fear and -tohit stacks with +defense.  Longer fear duration is redundant


Umbra Beast, take that 1 slot from Fearsome Stare and change to Recharge intensive pet set.  +6.25 recharge


Haunt, change to a recharge intensive pet set with that one extra slot from Psi Dart. +6.25 recharge


Optional is Dark Grasp, 4 Basilisk hold for 7.5% recharge


Drain Psyche, change to Pancrea set. Thats 8.25 down to 7.5, but with the above mentioned you now have a lot more recharge.


Find a slot for Psionic Tornado, +6.25 recharge


That Reactive slot in hover, move to mind over body and +5 recharge with Impervium set


Alternatively move the hover and 2 of the above spares if you don't slot as I suggested above; thats 3.  Slot all 3 into Link mind, its six slotted with 1 7.5 luck of the gambler and 5 from Reactive; using the IO with recharge reduction you will shave off a few more seconds.


Depending on how you slot, I think you could get 20-25% more recharge with very little loss of damage or ACC.  Might lose a little of the range defense I think you were building for on the Psi Dart set.

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