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Soloing the Admiral Sutter TF


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  • 2 weeks later

A friend of mine did it on a Bots/Dark mm before me and challenged me to attempt it. 

I did it on a Claws/Bio scrapper. It was incredibly painful but I got through it lol. 
I can’t remember which difficulty I did it on but I want to say it was higher than normal…


I had to rely on shadow meld pretty heavily on the claws/bio, especially with the -def the skiffs do iirc. 


I may revisit this on a new toon considering I just returned to the game this week. I’m leaning towards a Dark/something dominator but if I had to go with something fast I would pick a tank most likely, followed by a scrapper or stalker… I’d say a controller or defender could do well too but you won’t have access to Clarion so that could be an issue. What were you thinking?

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