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Couple of Market Newbie Questions


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1.5 Emp merits converts to 30 Threads converts to 1 Ultimate which is worth ~1.5 Million


1 Emp converts to 10 reward merits which can get would be worth ~2.0 to 2.7 Million based on buying two boosters which each sell at ~1.3-1.5 million, or 30 converters which sell at ~70-90k each.


I don't consider them "Free" since you could sell them for the influence, which represents an opportunity cost. But if you're going to play anyway, then certainly they feel free. :)


I would never use Emps to make Ultimates or other super inspirations however. You can use the normal threads that drop if you can't or don't need to use them for incarnate crafting.

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Noted, Andreah.


It's useful to know what what 'things' can do...but also their equivalent costs are via vendors and the market.  Eg. Farming.  Merits.  Converters.  Catalysts.  Emps.  Etc.  It allows you to use the market/your time efficiently.  You may well have more of 'one' type of drop than another.  Or be sitting on a mound of Inc' Threads and don't realise you can redeem them.


This may all seem 'obvious.'  But it's a part of the game I didn't turn into on live or to be begin with on HC.  I just turned up and bashed stuff in Door Missions until I hit L50.  But a fellow player introduced me to Farming on HC (something I'd held my nose towards on live re: AE.)  I was so inspired I rolled a Fire/Fire blaster with the immortal objective to farm on +4x8.  Several million trips to HP later.  +4x8.  But I had to earn the right by +1x4, then go wider...then +2x4...then go wider to x8 etc.  1.3 billion it cost to build that alt.  And I probably (!) over paid b/cause I wanted it 'now.'  'Brute' force (pun) vs efficiency.


I like the practical examples/illustrations posted by Tru (Tru-cenomics?) and Andreah as well as Ukase's bumper guide to Production Line Farming 😉  (ie.  Once a given farmer is 'spent' then it's not efficient to keep the same one given the resources that are available to a re-roll.)


*laser etched into mind.


I finished the 're-roll' of my Brute.  Got the Patron from the Scorpion arc.  Mu is in.  Re-Used the enhancements from my previous 'cast.'  The 1st time I've done that.  And not really spent a penny.  Somewhat liberating it feels.  *winks to Ukase.  It also allowed me to fix a bug bear.  My previous one was Fire Defence at 36%.  I couldn't figure out why it wasn't capped.  Then, when rebuilding?  I realised I hadn't cat' upgraded a set in Elec Fences eg. Superior Frozen blasts.  I'd done one and said, 'I'll do the rest later' and never did.  So I didn't get the max' 5% and 2.5% fire Defence.  Du-OH!



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Update.  Farmer has hit 1.2 Billion.  2nd Farmer is closing in on 100 million.


Market yields are at least 40-50 million a day.  Sometimes twice that.


Getting so many uncommon recipes off farmers that I've stopped buying them direct from the market for now. 


Back log of crafting to clear.


RE: on that last point.  Random drops are more 'fussy' to get all the loot/salvage for.  If you're buying Yellow Enances off the store?  You CAN buy stacks of 10 to make crafting easier as you can buy the salvage in lots of 10 too!  Efficiency?  Yes.



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