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Are there any badges that can be had through autocomplete?


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So I'm running the Dark Astoria arc the other day and I get to that annoying Sister Solaris mission.  You know the one.  No, not the one where you have to hunt for the hostages hidden like Easter eggs in a smoke-shrouded Cimerora.  The other one, where you're basically running a mini version of the second-to-last ITF mission, but all by yourself.  Oh, sure you could accept help, but who does?  Anyway, it's you versus an army, which sounds cool.  But in reality, it just means fighting a buttload of Talons, Minotaurs, Cyclopes, etc. to get to the end.  It can be kind of a slog on a character without a good AOE attack, IMO.  And on a Beasts/Nature MM...well, I didn't feel like dealing with it.  So I told Sister Solaris, "I will handle the army alone!" and then autocompleted.


Needless to say, I didn't get the badge. Serves me right.  I didn't actually earn it.


But it did get me wondering: are there any badges that you can get even through autocompleting a mission?  I know you can't get the AV kills by autocompleting the Tina Macintyre/Maria Jenkins missions (which makes sense—you aren't really defeating them).  But apparently the "Bailout Hero" badge can be had by autocompleting Dream Doctor's mission instead of running the Dilemma Diabolique trial.  Are there any others?

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In the before times, I couldn't get through the Tyrant vs. Arachnos mission without being overwhelmed by the Arachnos lag cannon and crashing, so I autocompleted that mission and got the badge. I don't know if that's still possible, but if it is it should also work for other personal story missions.

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