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So this has probably been suggested before, but it would be cool if we got a new power pool that lets us see enemies or glowies on the maps. The tech for this exists, as the last mobs pop up during missions. Personally, I would definitely consider picking up this pool on alot of my toons. I also like that it is a non-combat power pool that adds flavor to characters. I tried to make it so we can track things without it removing all difficulty and I chose toggles so that your minimap isnt always flooded with icons. 


Aura of Ill intentions: Toggle power. When active, your aura allows you to locate enemies within X distance of you. Enemy mobs show upon the minimap within X foot radius of you.


Aura of the Silenced Voice: Toggle power. When Active your aura reveals those in need! Hostage NPC's show up on minimap within X foot radius of you. 


Aura of Vision: Toggle Power. When Active, your Aura reveals The items that you seek! Mission objectives show up on your minimap within X foot radius of you on your minimap.


Mastery of Auras: Auto power. Through your dedication, you have mastered your auras. You have increased the Radius of your aura by Y feet.


I used X and Y for the distances, because I don't know what an appropriate distance should be. I imagine that they would be low endurance toggles that you could slot for end reduction or range maybe?

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Honestly, I think these would be better as accolade powers, perhaps for completing a certain number of hostage, objective, or kill-all missions. Alternatively, you could give each aura some small benefit besides just revealing certain enemies/objectives, so that they can both slot enhancements and be worthwhile outside of the specific mission types...

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I like them better as accolades, yes, or on P2W, because as it stands in the suggestion OP, they don't really benefit a character mechanically.


Further ideas could be a set of origin-specific powercust animations for those character who aren't psychic or magickal. For example, a handheld scanner or cyborg eye-scan animation for Science and Tech origin, and maybe for natural origin, a 'listening' soundwave VFX with 'awareness pose' on activation (like some Ninjutsu and Super Reflex toggles have, where you take a ready pose and look around).

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