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  1. I frequently have to play one handed due to the presence of small children, and having to hold them. So I map autorun to my middle mouse button. Not the most efficient way to play, but its better than nothing. I also have macros to turn xp on and off in my email, so if I want to have more dynamic control of my leveling speed i can quickly toggle xp on and off.
  2. Could we get the DE granite and crystal models as pets? The earth golem just looks dumb.
  3. I was planning on reusing some of my old ram, though someone on the pcpartpicker forums said that is a bad idea since my old ram is not that great. The whole idea with overbuying on the processor is so that it will last longer. I figured the ram is an easy swap so i wasn't particularly concerned about upgrading that later, but a processor is a pain to swap out so i would rather get something that will still be pretty fast 8 years from now. I think I need a new case, one of suggestions on the pcpartpicker website was to add three $15 fans, so that makes a $60 case a $115 case, so wouldnt it make sense to just get a better case rom the getgo?
  4. So i am getting ready to build a new PC, and I have some parts picked out on pcpartpicker, and I just wanted to get some feedback. As some background, My current PC I built almost 8 years ago, it is still decent, and if my graphics card had not died a year ago I would probably wait another couple years to replace my PC. What I really want out of the build is longevity to play medium graphic intensive games. Stuff like Skyrim, Fallout etc. I looked up the best CPU and a decent Motherboard, because I figure spending money there is my best bet for the build lasting a long time. So basically, if anyone could look at what I picked and tell me if I am being an idiot, or any glaring issues or whatever. Thanks! https://pcpartpicker.com/user/AgentGnome/saved/#view=YmWFgs
  5. Just a thought, It would be cool if we could select one of the various mini pets, then apply what buff effects they grant. So I could have a hvas buff pet or a spiderling buff pet, or a dog buff pet etc. Buffs would be the two options we have now.
  6. Would it be possible to add a new power to the flight pool? It would be exactly what it sounds like, hover speeds with a defense component and reduced cost compared to group fly. Personally, I would prefer Group Hover over Group fly. I really want to make my pets hover above melee range and shoot things.
  7. My Beam Rifle/Traps corrupter is parked at 47, waiting for gadgetry. Any chance we are getting this in the next 6 months?
  8. There are actually several types of AOE's. For the ones you are talking about, that is just how those work. There are also Pbaoes, which are point blank around you and happen as soon as the power activates. There are also Aoe's that happen at the point of the target, ie a fireball type which also happen hen the power activates.
  9. It sounds like the OP hasn't really gotten much past Atlas. it also sounds like they didn't do any instanced missions? Mobs don't respawn in instances I would say it is not a really fair assessment till about 32-34. By that point you have most or all of your core powers, so combat is much more dynamic. I would also suggest playing some of the AT's that you can't really replicate in CO. So controllers, MM's and to a degree Defenders. The thing about mobs not noticing you is really a genre convention. Id say most MMO's have or had the same issue. Things I like(d) about CO: -Web slinging. It worked well as a travel power -The flying disc as a travel power. -Stances -Maybe some of the sliders for body proportions? It's been a long time since I played so I can't really recall the CC very well. Things I hated about CO: -Pretty much every other aspect of the game. I hated the look, found the world to be generic at best. The teaming was garbage if you could even find it. Making an interesting character all too often meant a gimped character. There wasn't a whole lot of reason to have more than like three attacks. I HATED the combat system. I did manage to make maybe three characters I liked? But even them I didn't get far with. I hated the loot system.
  10. Can we get one of the tornadoes from sirocco as an alternate animation? SO much better than our dust devil.
  11. Movies where they talk at a whisper, but the explosions blow out your speakers.
  12. Perez was worse than the Hollows imo, you just had fewer missions there. At least with the Hollows it is mostly wide open, and you can get by if you know how, or just hover over it. That damn maze in Perez meant you had to get past group sized spawns in tight quarters just to get to the door. And the wall that’s *just* too high to jump over, meant that if you had chosen to delay your travel powe you had a much harder time getting out.
  13. I would be happy with some standardized presets. Personally, I want a thugs option where they are all guys in suits.
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