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  1. Well I wouldn't use SOs now personally. I also wouldn't use an auto updater, cause I would want to prioritize if i was on a budget.
  2. I never said +3. But you could absolutely keep everything green pretty easily as early as the late 20's early 30's depending on how much you died.
  3. I think a big issue is also just how FAST we level now. Back on live before level smoothing you could generally afford to keep yourself in SO's without too much trouble, simply because you had a longer time to get infl before your current SO's went red. Currently you have to actively turn off xp if you want to hit most of the same story arcs and contacts and taskforces that you would have when game was originally designed. So if you are trying to use mostly SO's you will have a tougher time.
  4. Could we swap them out for the Mastermind robots? Or Vanguard robots? Or Malta Robots? Really, I would like a less humanoid exclusively robot lore pet.
  5. I turn 39 in December. I was one of the last waves of beta players that got in through the CoH pre-purchase box. I think I started maybe a month before launch?
  6. Not really? We already have alternate animations for powers where the animations are completely different, they literally just reused an existing animation from another power. The challenge, as I see it, would be finding existing animations with the same animation time to swap with. I *think* they can modify animation times, either speeding them up or slowing them down, so that might not even be too much of a stretch. As for muzzle points, Beam Rifle can use any of the rifle models despite them all being different lengths already, so i don't think that is a big hurdle.
  7. I would assume they would reuse existing assets. The real challenge is finding suitable animations with matching time with the original animations.
  8. I dont know how possible it would be, but it would be pretty sweet if we could get 2 sets of alternate animations for trick arrow(including the arrow) where it uses the laser rifle or regular rifle instead of a bow. For the assault rifle set at least, it looks like you could steal the m30 grenade animation for alot of it. It would be cool to be able to make a "pure" rifle or beam rifle character.
  9. Can we get an option to make your own group fly only affect your pets? Using it as a bots MM is awesome, but I get complaints from others who do not want it on.
  10. So I am sure that I am not the only person who constantly hits the tray switching arrows by accident. Would it be possible to move the arrows and tray numbers to the right side instead of the left side?
  11. Fair enough, I figure it doesn't really matter, the time would probably reset by the time you finish most missions.
  12. Seems like a reasonable accolade power, though I might suggest increasing the time to maybe 10 minutes.
  13. Make it a series of missions from either the universities librarians or maybe the Midnighters, or even Ourobourous
  14. Then just call it summon soul and make it a click not dependent on a mob?
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