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Arachnos Soldier costume with crab backpack always visible with a crab spec (active or not)


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Follow-up of ticket #34563.

- If you spec crab on an Arachnos Soldier, all your costumes will magically be equipped with the crab backpack. But it's like Dr. Octopus' tentacles, they're literally bound to you. Most likely also on all the costume slots you may earn later.

- If you have a crab spec, then switch to another build, the backpack stays, and you can't use the custom color one. If you insist with the costume editor you can end up -sometimes- with a cape and the crab backpack.

- If you reached this point, every time you open the costume creator, it sets a 200k inf fee (at level 50) for re-setting the back detail to... the exact same thing. There's no turning back now, don't do the same mistake as i did. Don't do a triple build huntsman/bane/crab on a single toon.

- If from one of these toons you save the costume and try to import on a bane only arachnos solidier character, it's a crash to desktop guaranteed. I could reproduce it 100% thrice in a row. Enclosed is the costume file - for debug purposes only, you've been warned 😛

- I haven't tried getting rid of the crab spec for something else to see if the issue persists.


Hope this helps.

Red Horizon v4.costume

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