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Fly Poses


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w+forward is the default. The second is for choosing 1 particular pose, and the third toggles through all four.




/bind w "+forward"


/bind w "+forward$$em flypose1"  (1 to 4)


/bind w "+forward$$em flypose1$$e flypose2$$e flypose3$$e flypose4"


flypose1 - Superman style. Arms Forward

flypose2 - Alternate Superman style. Right arm forward. Left Arm curled back. . Right leg bent.

flypose3 - back straight. Arms angle forward and slightly up.

flypose4 - Bach arched up. Arms curled to the side.)


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Good bindset. I use NUMPAD0 for my preferred pose and 1-3 for the others, since the numpad doesn't have much use otherwise for my flying alts.


The combined commands don't work together too smoothly, so I use:


/bind Y "powexecname Fly" - general fly/fall toggle.

/bind W "+forward$$emote flypose1" - pretty reliable about toggling on the pose, and is just null for running.

/bind R "++autorun$$emote flypose1" - pretty reliable about the pose for long flights.


What works better but takes a little retraining is:

/bind R "autorun 1$$emote flypose1" - tap twice if needed, no toggling.

/bind SPACE "+up$$autorun 0" - up key, cancel autorun


And for one-handed jump/fly-over:

/bind MOUSECHORD "+up" - both keys elevate the situation while you do something else with the other hand.


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I'm having a problem with binding the "forward" key with the flight poses.


I mean, it works if I slowly double-tap the "forward" to get into the pose once I start flying. The problem is that when I let go of the button to stop moving, my character repeats the 'getting into pose' animation before stopping altogether.


That doesn't happen if I bind the pose to the autorun button, though.

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With the introduction of Afterburner in the Flight-pool I've created this macro to activate flypose1 with Afterburner. I think it makes using Afterburner a little more attractive:


/macro_image "Flight_Afterburner" "Afterburner" "em flypose1$$powexec_name Afterburner"



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