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Add an Unfun RP/PVP zone event

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Give a little warning three minutes before the event starts and then turn everyone in the zone into a Rikti Monkey and enable PVP.


It should be revealed that these are the true forms of the player, that everyone is secretly a rikti monkey in an elaborate pulley filled suit normally, but that Nemesis has temporarily rendered the suits non-functional so you have to fight as just a rikti monkey with only rikti monkey powers.

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20 minutes ago, Rudra said:

Conversely, add a Rikti monkey option to the arena. All players involved are Rikti monkeys. Go nuts! 😁


Edit: Sorry. Bananas. Go bananas.


... This should 100% be a thing. A Monkey Fight Club mode where each participant randomly gets assigned to be Banananator, Thing-Kong, etc. Bonus points if it actually takes place in the Pocket D cage so folks can watch.

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Global is @El D, Everlasting Player, Recovering Altaholic.

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