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Is there a mission arc about Hamidon?

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I've always found the Devouring Earth fascinating, but it seems like one only learns about their backstory through snippets. I saw on a website once a screenshot of Hamidon Pasilma when he was still human and started to wonder if this meant that there was a mission arc that dealt with his history. I don't remember the site, and it could have just been a screenshot someone made with a generic scientist but I'd still be interested in knowing.

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A lot of the game seems to be like this, which is great because you're not trudging through tomes of lore - but it's bad because you don't know what's going on. But that's good because you don't want to spoil the story, but it's bad because you don't get the story at all.


In summary, I'd like know enough backstory about each faction to know why they exist and where. What they're upto and why is something we should discover over time through the missions. 

..It only takes one Beanbag fan saying that they JRANGER it for the devs to revert it.

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You can find out more, though tangentially, through the Devouring Earth's third major mission arc, the 35-39 "The Terra Conspiracy", given by Ginger Yates in Founders' Falls. 


It's possible to see "the human Hamidon" in the Incarnate arc "Praetoria's Last Gasp", which unlocks at Doctor Orts/Number Six after you open your alpha slot. However, this depiction may not be accurate, as 


the form you talk to is one created as a human interface by the planetary consciousness of Hamidon, rather than the pre-transformation form.


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