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City of Heroes Team made by Dalle


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Dalle (https://dallemini.com/) is a Machine Learning model trained by the OpenAI group and it draws images based on written texts. The images are drawn based on many examples (images) of the subjects the model interprets from the description.I used the dalle-mini, a less sophisticated model, and asked it to draw a City of Heroes Team. this is what it spat out. Close enough.


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I now want to steal some of those color schemes for new characters.  Heck, I just asked it to draw "city of heroes character" and got some good ideas. 


Hi, I'm Clave Dark 5!  You may remember me from such characters as King Pumpkin Spice, Stupid Like A Fox, Capt Sam's Space Zoo, The Pink Bamfer, Trash Ghost, Maid Of Metal... as well as a few really stupid AE arcs!

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