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Slappy's Boardwalk Grand Opening Costume Contest (July 4th)


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Kick off the summer at Talos Island's new boardwalk!


On July 4th, at 10PM Eastern Time, come down to Slappy's Boardwalk for its Grand Opening Costume Contest!

The contest is NOT 4th of July themed. The theme is "Super Subjective Costumes I Find Aesthetically Pleasing".


The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 1 Billion Influence
2nd Place: 500 Million influence

3rd Place: 250 Million influence

4th Place: Nothing. Anything after third place is last place. Shame!



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Posted (edited)

The contest is in two days!

It will begin at 10PM Eastern. That means you should get there BEFORE 10PM, or you won't be entering!

I promise to keep the contest shorter than 10 minutes because I don't enjoy wasting people's time with unnecessary pomp and circumstance. Winners will be announced quickly, so everyone can get back to their day (or night, in this case).

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