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Additional target slash command options


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Fairly simple, really. I'd like to have some additional parameters for the "target" slash command. Generally used for "targetcustomnext" and searching by name or other status.


What I'd like to see are a few options for, say, /targetcustomnext status ####. We can already do this a little with "alive" and "defeated." I'd want to see this expanded with status to things like:

- Held

- Confused

- (maybe just a general "mezzed.")

- And custom ones that affect powersets like "Contaminated," "Disinitigration" or the like.


Where could this be used?

/macro mez targetcustomnext friend status held - Quickly target an ally that's held (or as mentioned "mezzed") for a quick clear mind/clarity/O2 boost to break a status lock.

/targetcustomnext enemy status intangible - Just to see if you can *hit* them yet.

/targetcustomnext enemy status contaminated - What started bringing this to mind, since Rad's ST attack that does a heal depends on the "contaminated" status to give you that heal, and the little indicator gets lost easily in other effects.

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