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Archetype for SJ/WP


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TLDR--  looking to make a Street Justice/ Willpower something for my first character to 50, choosing between Tank Brute Scrapper, strongly leaning Brute but not sure I completely understand the tradeoffs involved.  Advice appreciated!


SJ/WP is because of theme and (sketchy) backstory, but seems like it's a pretty good beginner setup anyway.  Stalker isn't being considered for the same reasons.  I've read Brute is the best archetype for a first melee character-- good damage, tuff.  I've also read Brute pretty much combines Tank damage and Scrapper survivability.  So, I'm confused.  My guess is Brutes are strong early, or while levelling 1-50, or before slotting good stuff everywhere, or something...  and then tend to get out-scaled by Tanks and Scrappers later on?  Or maybe folks are just jealous of their brutish charm, and resort to slander?  


Would a Tank give me similar damage (no Fury but higher base damage and larger AOE, more slots for offense) and better survive?  Would a Scrapper give me noticeably higher damage and similar survive?  For both these questions, I imagine the answer changes if it's level 10, level 30, just hit 50, endgame build...  and then also depends how much Inf is spent slotting stuff (not even sure I have the terminology right, here).  I do have some Inf banked, around 45 mil currently, but I'd like to split that at least two ways (2 chars for now, one red one blue).  So I could run some sort of early build, not sure how far 20 or 30 mil gets me (haven't looked into understanding slotting at all, yet).


I feel like I should just roll Brute and not worry about it, BUT on the other hand I could be failing to understand important stuff about the choice (such as, did the Tank buff make them out-brute Brutes).  So, like I said, advice appreciated.  








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First I'll talk about WP, I mained a Will scrapper on live.  He had crazy regeneration backed by good smashing/lethal and psi resistance and okay defenses to the other damage types.  Because it's a heal-armor and regeneration is a percentage of max HP, it's better on brutes and tanks, which can also push resistances to 90.  While brutes were mathematically "better," I was still pretty tough as just a scrapper, once I plugged the energy defense hole.


At low levels, brute Fury gives a bigger damage boost than any other character has the slots or enhancements for.  At higher levels scrappers pull ahead except in survivability.  Tanks can hit more targets, but do less damage per target than a brute, so they make a poor replacement when you need DPS instead of control.

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I would lean towards brute or tank.  WP does best when you have more health, scrappers have the least health of the three.


The rest is do you want more survivability or more damage?  Brutes will do more damage, and you can build then to be survivable, but tanks will out survive brutes.

What this team needs is more Defenders

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I have a StJ/WP Scrapper. I almost rerolled it as a Stalker, but opted for StJ/SR instead. Brutes aren't my thing.


IIRC, WP is a bit of a "late bloomer" (because of when Heightened Senses is available, not as late-blooming as Super Reflexes of course.)


Both WP and StJ can get in over their head, but it isn't that big a deal IMO.

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