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New Costume Additions

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8 hours ago, Darkneblade said:

Belt Detail would be cool. You can put book, tablet, phone etc on belt in either side

Also glove detail so you can wear watch. And thats about it.

Likely, they'd have to add entirely new belt options that had the attached books, tablets, etc.  IIRC, adding new attachment points/sections for costumes is tough to do...

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  • 2 months later

(Instead of making an entirely new thread, I'll join this one instead. I couldn't find a consolidated costume idea megathread...)


I have an ever expansive wish-list of things, but the ones I keep coming back to are:

* Wristwatch (hand detail; either hand)

* Thin bracelet (hand detail; either or both hands, metallic and matte versions)

* Forcefield bubble aura (aura; In the style of Personal Force Field, with combat activation option)

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