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Fusion Force Legends Orbital Battlestation Grand Opening!

Emerald Fusion

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Fusion Force is pleased to announce the public grand opening of the Fusion Force Legends Orbital Battlestation!


The half-mile tall space station has all the amenities a superhero needs and more!  Heroes (and sneaky villains) accessing the base via the Supergroup portal will arrive on the Observation Deck (deck A) and will have a 360-degree view of space surrounding the battlestation.


Heroes with the ability to fly or that have a jetpack can explore the exterior of the base using the access ports located in the northwest corner of every deck.  Or you can access all 10 main decks via the central elevator on every deck. Handy guides to the decks are located on both the Observation deck and the civilian entrance in the Hangar Bay (deck Z).


Teams and Leagues form up in the Command Center (deck B) with access to the Mission Computer and Ouroboros crystal.


The Hall of Heroes (deck D) is a tribute to two members we lost (IRL) and three missing members (RP).  The Hall of Heroes sits on the actual base plot so exterior exploration does require you fly around this deck.


Fusioneers and our guests are welcome to take some down time in the Crew Quarters (deck G), where they can have some fun in the arcade, go bowling, play in the Grand Coalition Stadium sports arena, relax in the spa, read a book in our library, run some laps on the Super Speed track, or grab a bite to eat in the food court.


The food court locations, bowling alley, arcade, and boxing ring are named after Fusion Force Leaders and Captains.


Hone your combat skills, learn invention theory, browse our armory, or get some exercise in the gym area or boxing ring on the Training and Defense deck (deck H).  While you're there check out the Orbital Defense Maintenance platform and Solarium above.


The fully glass-enclosed Medical Lab (deck K) is available for all your health and wellness needs.


Villains should stay away from the Detention Center (deck L) unless they are planning a stay in the brig, or a very short visit to the ESB-inspired carbon freeze chamber.


Quick access back to Earth, and other locations, can be accessed via the Teleport Platform (deck S).


The Power Core (deck Y) is a massive technological structure of Fusion Generators that power the base and generate a gravity field around the entire battlestation.


In between the main decks there are many subdecks, hidden locations, tributes and Easter eggs.  Feel free to explore and use the base for your RP, travel, or team-up needs.  Everyone is welcome!


This massive 2-year construction project would never have happened without the support and input of all of Fusion Force!


Special thanks to @Kaasha for her amazing base design assistance.  Our goal was to build a base that really reflected the name, Fusion Force Legends, and we think we accomplished that!


For exterior exploration we recommend using /vis_scale 10 to see the full scale of the base.


The Fusion Force Legends Orbital Battlestation is located on Torchbearer.


Base Passcode: FFLEGENDS-2882


Feel the Fusion!

@Emerald Fusion






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