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New power pools suggestion: Survivalist

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The idea for this set is that it provides a grab-bag of general utility powers, meant to expand a character's repertoire of powers and abilities, which are useful in many circumstances:


1. Hunter's shot:  A basic ranged attack using a wrist-mounted crossbow, (use the animation that some Vahzilok or Knives of Artemis have) - dealing lethal damage, with a small lethal DoT afterward.


2. Decoy - You throw out a decoy, which generates a large amount of threat/taunts enemies.  The decoy, though possessing a lot of hit points, can still be destroyed by enemies.


3. Healing Tincture - this would actually consist of 2 powers - the first can only be used out of combat, is interruptible, and actually creates the tincture.  The 2nd is the tincture itself, and can be used instantly to heal yourself.  You can hold up to 3 of these.  Basically, the 1st power creates the tincture temp power for you, with 3 charges.  It would replace any remaining charges with a fresh stack.


4. Hardiness -  Through training, a naturally strong constitution, or maybe just good gear, you are more resistant to smashing, lethal, cold, and toxic damage.  This would be an auto power, with lower resistance values than tough.


5. Emergency Shelter - you construct a simple shelter and campfire, which grants increased regeneration and recovery for all allies near it.  The shelter can be destroyed, if attacked by enemies, however.

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I like this overall, but I do have some thoughts and suggestions:

  • Decoy seems really powerful for its availability, even assuming it only has as much HP as a tier 3 MM pet an aggro sink is a powerful tool.
  • Healing Tincture seems overall okay, might need to also be moved up a tier. Might also be cool if it could also be used on allies somehow.
  • I’d suggest changing hardiness to resist cold, fire, and toxic myself. Both for thematically and since it would help have a better niche of adding against more exotic damage types. Maybe instead of an auto or toggle it could be made into an interruptible click to work with the idea of survival skills involving preparation?
  • I really don’t know about survival shelter, it’s the only one I find just a little silly and out there.
  • Vazhilok don’t use wrist crossbows, they have hand crossbows.
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