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  1. Not exactly one, but I made my most recent kat/nin scrapper inspired by Orochi from For Honor, so I like to imagine his version of Golden Dragonfly is doing a sick deflect counter.
  2. I always thought it would have been cool if when you defeated KoA they would play a teleport animation suggesting they’re being whisked off by their own mediocre system, maybe even include field hospital things that spawn in KoA missions that works as a minion spawner.
  3. One possible suggestion to amp warriors up a bit could just be as simple as elemental weapons. Still mostly smash and lethal but with a fiery/electrical/dark/cold kick. as a side note on the aesthetics front, one thing to possibly consider (and maybe add tot their rivalry with The Tsoo) would be the Warriors no longer restricting themselves to Greek themes, but incorporating the warrior identities of other cultures (like Nordic, Japanese, Chinese, Arabian, etc.) because they’ve been playing too much For Honor. (And possibly them finding a way into night ward and swiping stuff from the black knights?)
  4. Culture can also muddle things a bit: Eastern cultures basically wouldn’t recognize a big difference between natural and magic. Train hard enough and boom! Magic powers but it’s all natural stuff. Throwing fire? Natural from that stand point. Riding clouds? Natural for the pure of heart. Laser Beam eyes? Look up Bodhidarma.
  5. That's a strong combo? I've played a tank with it and it never exactly felt strong. Fun as hell but not strong.
  6. there's so much stuff I'd like it's hard to know where to even begin? I think a lot of other people have covered the bulk of things though: some new walls, preferrably tintable, new stone stuff, smaller letters, etc. A few things I'd like that I'm surprised we don't already have though are police cars and vans (was building a police station awhile ago and couldn't find cars) and monorail cars and rails. Some things I'd like I'm not sure would be so easily done (you know, assuming any of these are 'easily done) would be the living armor suits from the Midnight Club and similarly the icon tailor mannequins. (which, I can't tell if they're static world assets or if they're actually character models hard anchored to a spawn point and locked in a pose)
  7. Could come with a storyline change where the clockwork king is getting his control usurped by something else and is getting driven nuts by the same thing.
  8. Awhile back, I did actually start a thread about making up invention sets, and the one I submitted was actually basing it for my Beam/nin blaster: Sniper Joe who has some obvious inspirations in the attached image. But the big thing about the set was that it's proc and sixth set bonus boosted range as follows: Ranged Damage - Joe's Snipe (yes, it is ironic it does not go into a sniper set) Accuracy/Damage Damage/Endurance Damage/Recharge Accuracy/Damage/Recharge Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge +15% Global Range increase (unique) Set bonuses would be: 2: Increases Recovery by +2% 3: Improves accuracy of all powers by 5% 4: Increases Damage by 3% 5: Increases Recharge by 5% 6: Increases Range by 10% As I mentioned when I posted it: the numbers are admittedly kind of absurdly large, but with how rare range bonuses are and how overall mediocore I deliberately tried to make the rest of the bonuses, I thought it might balance out.
  9. my own thoughts on kinetics melee from my experiences back on live (and some dabblings on beta as well) Kinetic melee's animations are painfully slow with anything beyond the first two attacks, this runs directly against it's own version of build up (which I like) and means you can never get enough maximum uptime where it actually is able to be worth it versus a normal build up power. I would suggest that reducing the animation/animation lock times by as little as 15% (though preferably cutting it down by a third to make it actually feel like a 'fast melee' set) would do wonders in addition to this, I would like to suggest the idea that kinetic melee's -damage debuff be a constant effect than one only active during siphon power. This will increase it's utility function and help tanks. Siphon power, both the stacks gained from it as well as the power itself should last longer. This is meant to be a selling point of the whole powerset and the fact that it feels like it has oppressively low uptime and requires not one, but multiple tohit checks to be equal to a regular build up (nevermind be better) leads to some frustration. Concentrated strike just plain sucks for scrappers, especially because concentrated strike's 'crit' effect chance is not altered by ATOs nor does it seem to have a higher chance on Lt.s and stronger. Perhaps if Siphon power's duration won't be buffed, Concentrated strike's crit effect chance should be increased substantially.
  10. @Zepp just play mender ramiel’s Arc, first mission gives you capped range bonus. the short of it in my experience is that there’s a sharp falloff of +range utility, especially for PVP since you’d end up out of draw distance and have to run in and out to make full use of it.
  11. Oh, one more thing I’d like to see: add underling tier enemies. I feel like underling tier enemies are criminally underused in this game and would love to at least have the chance for them to exist in AE custom mobs.
  12. I have a strong feeling the Skulls story was going to continue on in later updates but... Well, the game went under. The Eagle Eye storyarc ends with Veles escaping and Morana still at large, the New Praetorians arc has passing reference to them (plus Chernobog) all being free and as foes you can assign one of the New Praetorians to fight to deal with a mass outbreak of crime in Kings Row, implying there was something that happened in the interim. As for the Hellions, could be interesting since I think the planned storyline with the CoT was that Dark Astoria both devastated their numbers (they were among the first souls Mot fed on, so meaning they could not be recovered at the end I think) and having a chance to stand up against a force of evil reminded them of their better days and cause a desire to redeem Oranbega and seek peace with the rest of the world. Either way, it'd mean Hellions would lose their main source of demonic artifacts and get a lot heroes sicced on them to retrieve what they have. There's also the fact that the Hellions are supposed to have a leader (in the Zig) but they've never made an appearance nor are even mentioned in any storyarcs surrounding the gang. Strangely though, the mission architect group description actually suggests the Hellions at least got their start through The Warriors.
  13. It's crazier to think that those guys were made before invention sets were really a thing. Given the watchers and the quartz crystals DE lay down, along with how painfully common -def debuffs are to how rare damage buffs (for the enemy) and -res is, kind of makes you think Jack really didn't like defense as a mitigation tool.
  14. I don't think I've seen anyone propose making the TFs necessarily easier. Indeed, an issue is that older TFs right now are easy and only are 'difficult' by being long and testing the patience of a player through Defeat-Alls and having a lot of individual missions. Heck, my own proposal would even bump up difficulty by suggesting more EBs and AVs thrown in. That said, making new and unique temp powers per the ATs we have for each TF for even the final AV(s) (hmm, maybe from Citadel onward the final 'AV' should instead be a GM rank in terms of strength?) for even just seven of the old TFs (Shard ones, Numina, Synapse, and Citadel) would mean needing 98 new powers be designed and programmed.
  15. Well, a lot of the points I wanted to make have already been made, namely that old TFs should tell their stories in the missions than relying on contact text, have more unique mechanics/maps, etc. And as I've mentioned, maybe swap some generic bosses out with some beefed up EB or even AVs. Aside from that, I think another thing that should be done to revamp older TFs, mostly Synapse, Citadel, and Crey is try to work in other enemy groups to fight in there to break up the monotony a bit. It'd be simple enough with Manticore (unexpected complication of trying to investigate a Crey lab in the middle of a Freakshow attack, mass test subject breakout/release, run in with a mysterious paramilitary group who are insanely tough [mob of bosses with an AV gunslinger] and all teleport out and leave an AV Titan to fight that self destructs on defeat) though with Synapse and Citadel it could be trickier. Relatedly, some might need some story updates that should reflect some of the changes in the world and story since launch. Like have Citadel be trying to stop the Council from using the salvaged remains of Siege and Nightstar to improve their own warworks while other paramilitary groups descend to try to hijack the robotics production for themselves. Maybe a new Synapse could reflect Clockwork King struggling to go hero or something with a 'rogue signal' driving him nuts and renewing clockwork aggression. (might also be an interesting chance to give the CWK a bit of a revamp.*) *Thinking CWK could have a knightly broadsword that's charged with electricity and a shield to help 'protect his subjects', drape a cape over that huge clunker frame if compatible. Maybe give him a 'goes red' mechanic where he switches from electrical attacks to psionics.
  16. Not at my system but I’d like to put out the idea of making more use of at least EBs and AVs I’m revamped TFs. The live devs, even before the invention system came out, severely underestimated the strength of even a half full team’s ability to tear apart even +2 level bosses. It’s not uncommon during runs to miss who the important person was because they jus got erased in a tide of AoE damage and their dialogue being missed entirely. The positron revamp shows even at low levels it’s possible for teams to take on at least one AV at a time multiple times throughout a single mission.
  17. To add to my previously long list of ideas, one thing I would like is to create mission timers that can start or end when certain objectives are fulfilled without it necessarily being the end of the mission, as well as allowing for things like a countdown to instead spawn in ambushes or new interactable items or even spawn groups, again, instead of just being tied to the mission’s end.
  18. Good Effin Lordi, this. why are men denied having a good porcelain mask option? I totally want to make King Baldwin from Kingdom of heaven (or The Leper from Darkest Dungeon)
  19. personally, I don't think Malta should be in Newspaper/radio missions or even open world spawns. They're supposed to be a bit more discreet than that and have bigger goals than rubbing their hands shouting "here's the evil plan!". That said, I think maybe instead of expanding radios we could get some repeatable contacts in Peregrine for Portal Corp? I mean, infinite dimensions and all that.
  20. Good thread and I agree on many points. I also want to say that as much as it doesn't make complete sense with all the different projectiles an assault rifle has, and as much as I dislike the assault rifle set (as it is) it and the Arachnos soldier SMG deserve the Resistance rifle as customization options. Actually, thinking about it it should be fine, the Assault Rifle gets a sniper rifle, UZI, and Nemesis rifle with no obvious means to firing those grenades. @Player2 reminded me of the P2W powers and that leads me to a big thing I'd want added: nemesis staff as a staff fighting customization.
  21. you ever cast you votes and realize the current leading option really is the better one and want to change it? I mean TF revamps are in the lead but still.
  22. I think the big challenge with lore pets is that powers do need adjustment. Boss pets need attacks adjusted to be comparable to other lore pet DPS (remember on Live when Cimerorans were fat and away the highest DPS and other damage lore pets were just a letdown?) and more than a few support pets don’t even use their native powers but instead use player powers. (Carnie Senechals come to mind)
  23. Totally random note: if I recall, each time we are sent to rescue Percy, he normally gives us some vital info. it actually gives me the headcanon that while kidnap-prone, Percy is pretty good at gathering intel, if only because no villain group in paragon bothers to lock hostages up in secure rooms and instead just stand around them menacingly while otherwise freely discussing their plans.
  24. Not sure about a specific circumstances, but another badge I felt saddened we never got was: Sic Semper Tyrannis Perhaps you'd get it from defeating Tyrant in the Magisterium trial a certain number of times?
  25. Gonna be honest: I don't think there's actually a wrong answer here. Either or will work, but they will draw in different crowds. Personally, I would prefer new missions and zones*, I grow wary of Paragon, the Isles, and even Praetoria and would love it if we could go to some place out there and more exotic, some place far from song fences, war walls, and perpetually gloomy skies, even if only in individual mission instances. However I am keenly aware this is the most difficult path, but I think in general it might attract the largest amount of people. Some simple things like maps set in deserts, snowy regions, or tropical islands could be a good start. Difficulty is a bit of a tricky thing, both because of how diverse builds and teams can be (difficult for one is not so for all) and because of the limitations of the systems we work with. 'easiest' way I could see is to try to add Ouroboros style 'limiters' to other content. Fighting while debuffed, enemies are buffed, etc. Some more intricate ones could include finding a way for enemies to be buffed with one or more level shifts. The most difficult (and in my opinion rewarding) way to boosty difficulty though is to look over various enemy groups and consider new mobs, new powers, etc.
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