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Welcome to 2022...


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... where AI means motion capture can be used on an old video of some bloke dancing in the 1970s.

It looks like the days of special spotty suits may be coming to an end!

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It's early days, sure...

...but the thing (and its' quite nifty web-based UI) appears to be running on a basic cloud server, and is opened up to public testing and API access.


You put something like Pixar's RenderFarm on that job, you'd have a lot more keyframes and motion points to play with.


But if we put it to pretty much the ultimate test...


...not bad. Not bad at all.

It has a lot of issues with the jump cuts in the video (especially the flight sequence), but the longer static shots like below are pretty good.

(Had to cut it down to 7 seconds and re-export at 480p for file size).




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