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BS/SD Stalker vs Scrapper


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Looking for some advice. Is a BS/SD power set better played on a scrapper or a stalker? I am a an older player returning and I'm still learning the ins and outs of the class types. 

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BS on a Stalker has less AoE although you are only missing out on a cone. The advantage to Shield on a Stalker is Shield Charge doesn't break Hide so you can use it and then follow up with something else and the follow up will crit. In short, there's nothing about the combo which really swings one way or the other.

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This is a good read


Do take grant cover, Defense Debuff Resistance is Precious. The builds are still relevant for the most part.

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I personally went the stalker route: although it won't crit because it's a pseudopet, Shield Charge doesn't break hide, so you can get a immediately follow-up with an attack for a  guaranteed crit right after.


The combo works pretty well together.

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