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Choosing Powersets via Random Color Generator - A Creative Exercise


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Choosing Powersets via Random Color Generator


Sometimes, you just want to make a new character, but have no idea what you want to play. Hopefully, this thread can help.


When I was trying to figure out how to color a costume I had created, I came across a random color generator. Then I got the idea of repurposing it as a semi-random character creator, matching the colors generated to a powerset's icon color. I don't know if anyone else will be interested in the method, but I've used it to make a couple characters now and thought I'd share. 


Unfortunately, you'll have to do some work to figure out your results, but that also gives you some flexibility of choice. 


Method: go to this generator (or any other that you prefer) and generate two colors. Next, look for a power set with icons colored as close a match to the generated color as you can. It'll almost never be perfect - just try your best. There's a color-coded list below to expedite the process (though it's far from definitive). I suggest starting with whichever result color has fewer possible choices - that helps narrow down options quicker.


For example, here I've gotten the results Azure Blue and Clay Brown.




As there are a ton of shades of blue, we'll start with brown. This color's brightness has two options: Seismic Blast or Earth Manipulation. For simplicity's sake, we'll take Earth Manipulation since it's only available to one archetype: Blasters.


Now, we need to find a blue close to the picture. Dark Blast looks closest to me, so our result will be a Dark Blast/Earth Manipulation Blaster. Another feasible result would be combining Dark Miasma and Seismic Blast on either a Corruptor or Defender. Storm Summoning could also work. Now that you've got your powers, figure out why your character has them and how they synergize into a single concept.


For the given example, my first idea would be that the character's power source is some sort of dark, mystical gemstone (possibly stolen from Oranbega). They could be a mystic, an archaeologist, or even just a thief that got lucky on a robbery and decided to try their luck in the big leagues. They could even be some kind of mystical creature that forms and harnesses the gemstones' power naturally! 


Not all color combos will be compatible (or even options; looking at you, yellow.). Dark pink and bright red, for example would give you the choices of Pain Domination combined with Claws or Energy Melee. As there's no melee + support archetype, you'll have to scrap this one (or give it life as an AE-only custom enemy). If you get an unworkable result, just reroll.


Is there an easier way to do this? Probably. Am I a programmer? No, so manual selection it is.


Below, I've broken up the various power sets into rough, color coded categories. Please note that some of these color classifications are subjective and could fit multiple spots. Others (such as Storm Summoning) don't entirely fit the color brightness they're listed under. This list has been sitting in my documents a while, so I can't remember why I put some powers in certain spots. As such, I suggest checking adjacent or similar shades when in doubt. Bright blue and bright teal, for instance.


Keep in mind that no sets are pure black. Instead, I've mostly listed power set icons that are darker than the majority.


Color List:
For comparisons (and to quickly reference which AT has access to which sets), you can use https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Primary_Power_Sets and https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Secondary_Power_Sets

Pink - Archery, Martial Arts, Super Strength, Spines*
Dark Pink - Pain Domination


Bright Red - Claws, Energy Melee 
Dark Red - Martial Combat, Necromancy, Savage Melee, Street Justice 


Pale Orange - Fiery Aura*, Fire Blast, Stone Melee, Thermal Radiation 
Bright Orange - Fire Control, Fire Manipulation, Fiery Melee 


Yellow - None. Yes, really, none. Reroll.


Pale Green - Radiation Armor, Radiation Emission, Regeneration 
Bright Green - Atomic Manipulation, Empathy, Plant Control, Poison, Radiation Blast, Radiation Melee
Dark Green - Bio Armor, Nature Affinity, Plant Manipulation


Pale Teal - Cold Domination, Force Field 
Teal -  Energy Aura, Gravity Control, Ice Control, Ice Melee, Invulnerability, Mercenaries 
Dark Teal - Beam Rifle, Kinetics
Pale Blue - Cold Domination,  Electric Armor, Electric Control, Electricity Manipulation, Electrical Melee, Energy Blast, Ice Armor, Ice Blast, Ice Manipulation, Willpower* 
Bright Blue - Electrical Affinity, Electrical Blast, Energy Manipulation, Ice Melee, Shield Defense, Storm Summoning*, Water Blast

Dark Blue - Dark Armor*, Dark Blast, Darkness Control, Darkness Manipulation, Dark Miasma, Dark Melee 


Pale Purple - Psychic Blast, Tactical Arrow
Bright Purple - Illusion Control, Mind Control, Super Reflexes
Dark Purple - Demon Summoning, Mental Manipulation, Ninja Training, Ninjitsu, Temporal Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Trick Arrow 


Black - Darkness Control, Darkness Manipulation, Dark Melee, Demon Summoning, Martial Combat, Necromancy, Ninja Training, Ninjitsu, Savage Assault, Savage Melee, Street Justice, Temporal Manipulation


White - Sonic Attack, Sonic Resonance


Light/Pale Grey - Sonic Attack, Sonic Resonance, Staff Fighting
Grey - Assault Rifle, Robotics, Sonic Manipulation, Willpower*
Dark Grey - Battle Axe, Broad Sword, Devices, Dual Blades, Ninja Blade, Titan Weapons, War Mace 


Light/Pale Brown - Beast Mastery, Earth Control, Spines, Stone Melee, Stone Armor
Brown - Earth Manipulation, Seismic Blast


Other (aka I don't know how to classify this color, so it gets its own section)


Greyish Green - Dual Pistols, Robotics, Thugs
Dark Greyish Green - Devices
Blue-Grey - Willpower
Grey Brown - Sonic Manipulation
Dark Brownish Grey - Traps

* = Iffy categorization. There are other sets unmarked that could also qualify.


Some examples from my own results:
Anthracite Grey + Pearl Orange = Savage Melee/Fiery Aura Stalker. Concept: Demonic or volcanic ambush predator.


Pastel Violet + Ocean Blue = Dark Blast/Tactical Arrow Blaster. Concept: Stealthy big game hunter with darkness powers. Bows are quieter than guns, so its used to trap or corral more dangerous targets without giving away position. In this instance, 'big game' = Hellfrosts, Greater Devoured, Warwolves, etc.


Rose + Traffic Green = Energy Melee/Bio Armor Brute. Concept:  Alien nanotech that absorbs ambient solar energy, then converts it into armor and visible, physical attacks.


Salmon Orange + Sky Blue = Fire Control/Storm Summoning Controller. Concept: Magical artifact that allows the wielder to harness the power of the sun and skies.


Beige Red + Blue Lilac (which is actually purple) = Archery/Trick Arrow Defender. Concept: Ex-Wyvern agent who went independent and/or evil. Not very creative, but bows have never sparked any inspiration for me.




Feel free to take or leave your own power combos if you find one that looks interesting, but just isn't your style.

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I've come across a few Random Character Challenges in the past few years. It's quite simple if you really want to do it.

1) Just pick one of the online dice rollers
2) Assign and Roll for AT
3) Assign and Roll for Primary
4) Roll for secondary
5) optional: roll for body type
6) Randomize then fine-tune Costume pieces
7) Lastly, I think the most fun part, is to make sense of every roll in a not so wordy bio.

I remember one that the premise was you were one of the people in a diner when some mad-science ray accidentally hit it, giving you powers. I'll try to find the thread for that later.

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