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Invention Set Designer Tool Spreadsheet - for the creative types

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I've dabbled in designing new enhancement sets, but editing the Mids database to get accurate enhancement value sums and ED calculations (as I did in the past) is a major hassle. To that end, I looked into writing a spreadsheet that could do that for me, which blossomed into a massive sheet that allows for designing nearly every aspect of a new IO set. To use it, you'll need a Google account. Then, click the link below, and on the page that opens, click on File in the upper left of the screen, then click Make a Copy. This will let you create an editable copy of the sheet.


Click here to see the IO Set Designer tool

Click here to view the collection of already-existing IO sets

What can this sheet do? I'm glad you asked!





This is what the sheet looks like. With the exception of the tan-colored cells, it's used entirely with checkboxes and drop-down menus.




The very top of the sheet lets you set basic info about the set. You can type the name in the large tan cell, and choose the category with the drop-down menu below that. To the right of those cells, drop down menus let you designate the IO set as Craftable through recipes, or only available as Attuned (like Overwhelming Force, or ATOs), and set the intended Rarity of the set. Choosing Attuned-Only for the Type automatically marks every enhancement as Unique, and choosing Very Rare for the Rarity automatically marks every enhancement as Superior. Lastly, you can set the intended level range of the set.




The next section is for more detailed info about the set. You can choose up to 6 enhancement aspects for your set to affect, and mark enhancements as containing a proc. Two columns on the right let you adjust the level of the enhancements or apply boosters, to see the enhancement strengths at various settings. The column on the far right lets you mark individual enhancements as Unique.




After choosing your set's aspects, you can begin marking checkboxes to create the set's enhancements. The colored cells directly below this section will show the total enhancement values your set would give when slotted into a power, before and after ED. Directly under the ED totals, cells will change color to indicate when you hit the various ED soft caps, similar to Mids. Below that, the sheet will automatically show you the names of your enhancements.




The cells directly to the left of the enhancement names will automatically fill up with the individual values of the enhancements you've made. The numbers here reflect the level you set for each enhancement, as well as any Boosters you've applied and whether the set is marked as Very Rare (Purple). What are those grey boxes in the middle? More on those later...




Finally, the column farthest to the right in this section is the Unslot column. Clicking the checkbox here will cause the tool to ignore that enhancement in the totals, allowing you to see what enhancement values the set will give to a power if you don't slot certain IOs in the set.




Lastly for this section, there are six tan cells where you can type in Proc effects for your set to have. The names you type will show up in the list of IOs when you have checkboxes in the Proc column checked.




The bottom half of the sheet is dedicated to Set bonuses!




This massive and marvelous section at the very bottom of the sheet lets you set up to 3 normal and 3 PvP-only set bonuses for each set bonus tier. Drop down menus contain a full list of set bonuses, and let you set the rank of the set bonus, from Tiny to Ultimate.




The set bonuses you choose and the ranks you set will then show up in the list of set bonuses above, showing you the numbers they give.




Back up in the top half of the sheet, these boxes will fill up with some analysis of the set you've built. Effective Total IOs tells you how many common, single-asect IOs it would take to give an equivalent amount of enhancement value to your custom set in a power. Total Enhancement Aspects is effectively a count of how many checkboxes you marked for aspects in the first section. Total Set Bonus Ranks sums up the value of the set bonuses you applied based on their rank; a Tiny bonus is worth 1, Small is worth 2, etc. The last box sums Total Set Bonus Ranks and Total Enhancement Aspects together. This analysis method has been used on the sets available in game, and found that low-to-mid 30s is where most of them fall.




Suppose you designed a PvP set, and you have a whole suite of PvP-only bonuses inflating your Set Bonus Rank total. A checkbox directly below the analysis boxes makes them ignore any PvP-only set bonuses, allowing you to get some idea of how your set is balanced for PvE play.




Lastly, the tool has a number of checks for various errors or illegal setups that aren't allowed for actual sets in-game, but generally will still show you the info for what you put in, in case you're curious what an IO with 30 boosters will do, or what a purple IO at level 15 will do, or what a five-aspect IO is worth, or something. Go nuts if you want!


I hope someone finds this useful. I do like contributing to the community, after all.


The following is just the original version of this post, preserved for posterity.




Here we have the main sheet. There's space at the top for you to write the name and category of the set you're designing.




You can have up to 6 enhancement aspects per set, plus a proc. Click the checkboxes and the cells below this section will automatically fill out with info on the set. Drop down menus in the first 6 columns have a list of every enhancement type in the game, except Intangibility because lol Intangibility IOs 😛




You can optionally mark each enhancement as Superior (purple), set them to any level from 1-50, or apply up to 5 Enhancement boosters from the dropdown menus.




As you mark checkboxes, these cells will automatically fill up with detailed info about the enhancements. The numbers in this section reflect whether you marked IOs as Superior, applied any boosters, or changed the level of the enhancement. It also has error checking that looks out for duplicated enhancements, or enhancements with more than 4 aspects. IOs can't have more than 4 aspects, that would be illegal! You can also optionally write in a Proc in the tan cell at the bottom of this section.


But what about set bonuses?




Scroll down to this marvelous section to assign your set's set bonuses. Each tier of set bonuses can have up to 3 normal bonuses and 3 PvP-only bonuses.




The set bonuses you choose in the selector are automatically listed in the chart above.




These boxes near the top are of particular interest if you care about balance. Effective Total IOs tells you how many single-aspect Common IOs you would have to slot to get an equal amount of enhancement value that the set you've designed gives. Total Enh Aspect is a count of how many aspects your set affects across all its enhancements. Total Set Bonus Ranks adds up the value of all the set bonuses you chose. (A Tiny bonus is worth 1, a Small bonus is worth 2, etc.) The last box simply adds together the values in the previous two boxes. Aim for the low 30s in this box for a balanced set!


I hope someone out there finds this helpful. If you find any bugs, let me know, although I'll probably just start crying if you do.


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Additions to the tool, Couldn't Sleep Edition:




It's now possible to ignore PvP Set Bonuses in the Set Bonus Rank total




The second and third set bonuses in a tier can also be optionally ignored in the total, for example if you want to count a damage resistance and mez resistance pair as one bonus, as they often are in game.




Putting too many aspects into one enhancement will still show errors, but it will also now show what the values of those enhancements would be if that were possible in-game.




It's now possible to choose "None" from the drop down menus for enhancement aspects




Using Superior IOs now increases the Effective Total IO count

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I have mixed emotions on this......



First impressions...holy cow what a cool tool and a tremendous amount of work....well done... 



Second emotion....what level  nerd do you need to be to do this......🤓......jealous I am  of the skill.....




Either way well done and I will give it a try..

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More additions to the tool:




Fields have been added to allow you to set the level range of your set.




Detected errors now display in a less harsh shade of red.




The cells where you select the rank of the set bonuses now change color to match the selected rank.

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It's now possible to have two separate proc effects in a set, in case you want to make another set like Steadfast Protection.




Proc aspects no longer increase the Effective Total IO count.


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It's now possible to use either Proc option in sets that you only give one proc, rather than only using the second proc option when you want to use both.


This one took me ALL DAY

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There is now a field to set the Type of your set, either Craftable or Attuned-Only (like ATOs, or Overwhelming Force).




Choosing "Attuned-Only" as your set type automatically marks every enhancement as Unique, regardless of whether you have checkboxes in the "Unique?" column marked.




Similarly, marking enhancements as Superior is now done by selecting "Very Rare" for the set's Rarity.




The "Superior?" column has been replaced with the "Unslot?" column.* Marking checkboxes in this column makes the tool temporarily ignore an enhancement's contribution to the final slotted values, allowing you to quickly see what totals the set would give if the marked enhancements were not slotted.




Lastly, the colors of several aspects have been updated to more closely match their enhancement colors in-game.


*Hot tip: Removing the "Superior?" column means it's no longer possible to use the tool to try out certain frankenslotting setups, specifically mixing +5 purples with normal IOs. Buuuut... if you click on a box in the booster column and type in 11.25 as the value instead of using the drop down menu, the numbers for that enhancement will be identical to a +5 purple with the same aspects.

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  • Vanden changed the title to Invention Set Designer Tool Spreadsheet - for the creative types

Well it's been over 24 hours since I made a major change to the sheet, which could possibly mean it's finally complete! In celebration, I've edited the first post to reflect all the changes and additions I've made since the initial posting.

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The cells that change color to indicate ED caps now also repeat the name of the aspect in each column.




This is to enable the sheet to become more compact; once all the set bonuses and enhancement aspects have been set, the rows where that's done can be hidden so the sheet only shows the final design of the set without all the now-extraneous fields where that information was input.

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I've created a collection of all the currently-existing IO sets in the game, entered into the IO Set Designer Tool. This is handy for comparing the balance of any potential new sets designed with the tool to sets that already exist in the game.


Here's the folder where they can all be viewed.


The OP has also been edited to add a link to the folder.


You might notice some of the sets seem to be formatted a bit differently than others. I did a fairly significant aesthetic overhaul to the tool partway through creating the folders, so a lot of them are based on an older version of the tool. I'll update them to use the current version at some point. Probably.

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The checkboxes to ignore the 2nd and 3rd set bonuses in a tier in the Rank Totals have been removed.




They're no longer necessary. I've rewritten the cells where the set bonuses are displayed so that all the set bonuses that come in groups (Typed and Positional Defenses, Damage and Mez Resistance, and the All Control Types boosts in the Dominator and Controller ATOs) are displayed with only one entry in the selector. This means it's no longer necessary to manually set each bonus individually.


As a bonus, this means that the code in the cells to display set bonuses no longer looks like this:





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Posted (edited)





There are now slots for up to six procs, so you can have a proc in every IO of the set. Go nuts!




There's a new "hidden" feature for POWER USERS. Click on this little arrow in the top-right corner to unhide the rightmost columns on the sheet.




The new IO Strength Override box will let you force the tool to treat each IO as if it has fewer aspects than you actually entered, resulting in stronger enhancement values. This is specifically for when you want to treat multiple different aspects as one aspect, like how the Universal Travel sets treat Run Speed, Flight Speed, Jumping, and Range all as one aspect for the purpose of determining the strength of the enhancement values.




By default, the Total Enhancement Aspects will not include these "extra" aspects, but you can uncheck the checkbox marked "Include in Total?" to get the full lowdown on your cheater-y IOs.

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