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Help fix Spine/Fire farmer?


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Not new, but still shiny.  The only adjustment, for this patch, was to be judicious about the extra ranged attacks that come from engaging more than the aggro cap (as they will not follow but still fire away).  I present:  FRMRBRWN


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

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Reunion - JAWBRKR (Inv/SJ Tank), Lich-ilicious (Necro/Dark MM)  Torchbearer - Will Power-Flame (WP/Fire Tank),  Frostee-Freeze (Ice/Emp Troller), DARKNESSREIGNS (Inv/DM Tank), BALLBUSTR (Inv/SS Tank)  Indomitable - PLVRIZR (Stone/SS Tank), The Atomic Warden (Rad/Rad Defender), FACESMSHR (EM/EA Brute)  Excelsior - NUTCRCKR (Inv/SS Tank) - VL500+, DRKSTNITE (DA/DM Tank), Nosfera-too (Kin/Dark Defender), FIREBLLR (FIre/Therm Corr), THUGSRUS (Thugs/Dark MM), Marshal Mayhem (Fire/MA Tank), SLICRDICR (DB/WP Scrap), NECROTANK (SD/DM Tank), FRMRBRWN (Spines/Fire Brute), AVLANCH (Ice/Stone Tank), SWMPTHNG (Bio/Rad Tank), FREEZRBRN (Fire/Ice Tank), ZZAAPP (Elec/Elec Brute), Voltaic Thunderbolt (Elec/Elec Tank) Lemme Axe You Somethin (Rad/Axe Tank), PWDRKEG (Fire/FIre/Pyre Tank) EverlastingMISSADVENTUR (Inv/SS Tank), Mace to the Face (SD/WM Tank)                                                                                                                   

Retail 2004 (pre-I1) - 2012 lights out; Feb. 2020 - present

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7 hours ago, Mashugana said:

Does anyone have a Spine/Fire build that is good for this patch? I just got back and my build is 2+years old - not sure if there is a new shiny


Thank you!


Keep in mind with this update that fire melee removed the lethal component from the fire sword attacks and replaced it with -def.  If you are using older farm maps with mobs using those attacks, then consider changing to a map with mobs that do not for more effectivity as well.  




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     Or bump your defenses a bit.  Gives a cushion against cascade defense failure which is the risk here.  Each time you up your defense by an amount equal to the debuff you increase the chance from ~1 in 20 to 1 in 400 to 1 in 8000 etc., of really bad things happening  (i.e. initiating a cascade failure).  Fire Armor has no DDR.  Keep enough buffer and you'll notice basically no change in your sturdiness.

     Of course switching maps might be easier depending on build, willingness to use inspires of a shade other than red etc..


Edit:  The debuff lasts 10 seconds.  As long as they don't land enough hits during any given 10 second period to drop you under the soft cap a cascade failure will be very unlikely to occur.

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