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Any one looking for a Base Builder?


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I was away for the Summer and still left frustrated at the large base I was working on (dang floating objects.) I often build on a different base to get back into the groove of things and then pick away at my big base again when I feel less like breaking my computer. Instead of just building another ghost base no one will use Figured I would ask here if any one want a small-mid sized base (3-5 rooms) Preferably all in base building, I can send pick of things I have Built if there is any interest or post it here if people just want to see.

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kito, would you like to join my Discord? I have a section dedicated to people looking for commissions and people looking for builders; there might be several people who would be interested.  We always have more looking for help than looking for work. 🙂 Of  course, they might also stop in here to answer you, and going by other posts I've seen, someone will be interested,  but it's a suggestion if you'd like to . https://discord.gg/8pMP3qbxXB



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On 11/21/2022 at 9:04 AM, Etched said:

If you are interested in buildin a base, then just do it. I'm sure you have an alt that can create a SG and then offer it out once you are done. That way you are not restricted and you can have as long as you may need to get back into the swing of things. 



"Instead of just building another ghost base no one will use"    I do and will build if there is no Interest. was just a offer to the community in case anyone was looking for a base builder. 

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I suck at base building.  As such, my vanity base (for me, my alts, and a couple of friends) is mostly the old Live design... and quite empty. 


I did manage to set up an inter-base teleport system though. So there's that.


(I have found that, even when using the appropriate keys to move things where they shouldn't go, the whole process is very fiddly, and my character's position AND my camera angle/distance are large factors in whether I can place items at all.  I'm used to building in Second Life, which while it has its own steep learning curve, largely does NOT have issues with camera placement or avatar placement. Going from that to CoH is like going from a performance sports bike to a steam-powered bicycle.)

AE ARC's (So Far!)


15252 Child of the Tsoo - [SFMA] Ninjas, sorcerers, and human trafficking (Origin Story - Stick Figure/Storm Lotus)

50769 Hunt of the Eclipse - [SFMA] Finding something that was lost to Arachnos for nearly 20 years (Origin Story - Daisy Chain)

53149 Spells as a Service - [SFMA] When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics and encodes it into a computer program, chaos breaks loose!

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