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  1. this happens when you reboot a comic universe, suddenly you have 2 Spidermans, 3 Supermans, 300 Thors, 6 Batmans and well 2 Positrons. because some characters from the old Universe stick around. Its obviously a Positron from the Live server and a Positron from Homecoming
  2. looks like a musik video from the 90's
  3. i thought they are using Windows 2000
  4. those are propably the guys constantly stealing stuff from her
  5. i think dredd had a really traumatic experience playing Serious Sam
  6. i bet most of the people working there end up as Villain.
  7. es gibt noch den Globalen channel Zukunft und die SG Helden der Zukunft
  8. they are just renting in the servers in Kanada, i think they are from the US
  9. for better understanding, if you create some kind of big content update (lets say a new zone with lots of quests) would you guys share it with other projects? and if an other Project creates some kind of big content update and they share it would you use it?
  10. sound like a class that should be introduced at April fools day and only be around for April edit: i just had an idea Diplomat he is essentially an Mastermind but instead of Summoning his own pets he can convince his Enemys to fight on his side (except of course for things like a Boss, Archvillain, story importand enemys and other redicolouse strong enemys)
  11. or just make arachnos cosume parts usabel in normal costumes (at least if you are arachnos)
  12. they had plans for the official I25 nothing more, they didnt even finished the fine tuning for the I24 beta.
  13. i had really big problems with ruberbanding bevor the server move but i dont have any problems since the move. i m on the on Reunion right now but if it helps i try to play on an other shard to see if i run in to a ruber band
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