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Waaaaaaarghammer: The Movie?


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It's been a rough week for Henry Cavill, so for once, some good news for everyone's favourite nerdlunk.

Games Workshop have confirmed to the market that they've signed a development deal for WH and/or WH40k properties.


This does not mean that there will be flicks/series, but Amazon now have the rights to seek scripts and present treatments subject to a final contract being signed. Cavill, being not just a famous fan but a genuine bankable star, is unofficially attached, as is his friend and fellow nerd Rahul Kohli.


Financial wonk side note: it might seem odd this is in the Financial Times. But GW is one of their absolute favourite stocks, not just because it's slightly oddball. I'm on a management course right now branded for the FT, and GW is a case study of how to manage a business properly. They produce consistently high returns, do all of the process correctly, and wilfully tell activist shareholders, critics, naysayers - and Nazis - to GTFO. To their faces. Or virtually, since they refuse to hold shareholder meetings in London - you wanna be there, you come up to Nottingham. 


...how is that relevant? Well: it's GW's property, they've been caring for and nurturing it for years and even Bezos' money isn't going to tempt them to just sign everything over and let Amazon create, say, Snotling High School, cast Adam Sandler as the Emperor Of Mankind, or put Tenacious D in a Blood Bowl movie. (Though I'd watch the hell out of that last one.)


Or make something like the Warcraft movie, about which... the less said the better.


There will be grimdark.

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