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Master Brawler


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Hi all,

I’ve played a number of Sentinels but never an SR. Reading the powers list I noticed that there’s an option of taking Master Brawler over the usual SR mez resistance power and was a little confused.

Do you give up mez resistance for a heal/absorb? If so I assume that you’re relying on defence to prevent the mez hitting.

Is this right or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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The key piece of Master Brawler is "Owning this power will also improve your Focused Fighting and Focused Senses abilities"

Focused Fighting description states: "If you own Master Brawler you will also gain resistance to Knockback and Immobilization", and Focuses Senses says "If you own Master Brawler you will also gain resistance to Disorient, Hold, Sleep powers.


You end up with identical protection to Practiced Brawler, without needing to click something for maintenance, and gain the absorb shield click from Master Brawler. The only possible benefit to taking Practiced Brawler would be the ability to double stack it at higher recharge amounts, but the base amount of protection should be fine that I would never recommend not taking Master.


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