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Anyone use /Spines? Any good?

Echo Chamber

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First tank, been playing around with a Rad/Spines build. Not sure of it so far, mostly went with /spines for something different. Also considered /claws, /streetfighting, or /SS all for thematic purposes. Damage output is not my priority as a tank, but I want to make sure I'm not completely ineffective. Is /spines viable or should I start a new toon?

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Lot of people like Spines.


I've never messed with it but I've seen some pretty Blenderific Elec/Spines Tankers. Two damage auras has a lot of potential. 


Rad/Spines seems good. Lots of AoE. Probably not best in class, though. 


Spines cast times are kind of a drag. I'm sure a more experienced player will be able to provide more context than I can.

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I've got several /spines tanks.  It's a strong set with lots of AoE potential.  I haven't done Rad/Spines personally, but it sounds like it could be a good combination.

What this team needs is more Defenders

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I've yet to take Spines to 50 on a Tanker, but have on a Brute and Stalker. As a general comment, I find that Spines feels kinda terrible leveling up, and i think it's due to Spine Burst and Impale. They're slow and I wish they did more damage, and there's no big heavy- hitter to look forward to. 


When you have Lunge/Ripper/Throw Spines (plus Quills or Assassin's Strike) slotted and a peck of recharge, though, it's a different story. You output good sustained AoE and packs die on accident while you get the job done on the bosses. As it is the cast times give you extra time to recover end and let your other powers recharge. I like that you can play it passively or actively (jockeying for cone position), both are fun


If they do a pass on Spines, my wishlist is any combo of the following: 


1. Spine Burst- Faster cast time

2. Impale - short-range snipe that can fast cast

3. Give the whole set a native 5% crit that can stack with Scrapper/ Stalker inherent, or just be there for Tanks/Brutes. Spines are sharp! 


Thanks for listening to my Ted talk, grab a free hypodermic needle on the way out. They're clean, and I made them myself. 

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