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I'm looking for a few more reds?


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I play both sides on Reunion server. I am U.S. based. 


I switch back and forth with my toons but for the most part (due to life), I find myself for the last few months really only working on two main characters.


My main hero Tizar (Level 50 incarnate) ice/frost based corrupter. (Which is a bit funny, as I remember back in the day during live when corrupters could only be supervillains).


My main villain I am working on a-lot right now. Zappras.


I'm looking though for help sometimes on red side. I'm just looking to possibly set up times on some days with some other reds who want to complete now I guess upper villain content.


Keep one thing in mind. For me at this point. For my hero and my villain. I have reached a point, where all of the content I am doing now on my mains is new to me.


I don't rush. I like the stories. So I don't think I move totally slow but I don't rush either.


I am beginning to work on my patron powers for Zappras right now.


Amongst some other new story content I haven't done before. So what I am essentially saying is, if there are other reds out there on reunion who want to continue leveling with me as I go along now let me know either here so maybe we can set up times.


I would also like to set up specific times with villains or rogues to do strikeforces. It seems it's much harder to get strikeforces done over on red side.


Let me know. Thank you for your time.

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