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Specify your combat level (only below your current level)


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This could be done so you can go back and do out-leveled contacts, or if you wish to do some level-specific content NOT available in Flashbacks (like bank protection missions)

TINKERERS and LEOTARDED personal supergroups on Reunion; open bases! codes TB-9014 and LT-1051

TinkerBell (MAIN) super reflexes / martial arts tanker & badge hunter; Sarabraxus, energy / energy blaster; Sarathustra, fire / therm corruptor

Scotch Bonnie / Caroline Reaper, fire/ss brutes & fire farmers; Granny Fix It / Green Granny / Great Granny, empathy/psi defenders; plus a few others.

@Xarah formerly on Champion, Triumph, Victory, now @chuckv2 / @chuckv3 / @chuckv4 on Reunion

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Ouroboros already exists.

And honestly, it's easier (at least for me) to use the XP lock and complete all the contacts at a given level and then move on.  (That way I don't have to worry about diminished enhancement effectiveness, etc...)

Unofficial Homecoming Wiki - Paragon Wiki updated for Homecoming!  Your contributions are welcome!
(Not the owner/operator - just a fan who wants to spread the word.)

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