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X with /storm, where the x=fire


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I was never a big corrupter fan on live and really enjoyed the baster reworks on homecoming.

Then one day I was on an ITF with an ice/storm corrupter and was blown away.

It has been my main ever since.


Recently I have been post 50 leveling of a water/storm that I also love, not sure if I like water or ice better.


With that being said I am a huge fan of fire for just about anything, and the ranged damage of fire is fantastic, where I also love the self targeted nuke of Inferno.


I am interested in others experiences with fire/storm and how they would compare it to  water-ice/storm.


This is why I ask.

For my /storm I usually like to run an all ranged playstyle with capped ranged damage coupled with a good amount of S/L and energy resistance.

I always try to run barrier as an Oh sh*t safety power.

But I have found if I want to spam the hell out of /storm's aoes I need to run ageless instead.

So I tend to stay out of melee range.


This is why I have been hesitant to run fire/storm since the inferno nuke implies that I hit my build up power, drop freezing rain to debuf resistance and then move into place and nuke.


It's probably no big deal, but I am interested into knowing how those of you who play fire/storm go about it.



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I kite the nuke. If you just dumped everything on its arse with freezing rain the mobs that aren't flip flopping are usually too busy trying to run out of the patch and away from the tornado to be much of a threat. If your looking for a truly safe /stormy then dark blast is the way to go, you can hop in the mob at anytime knowing the nuke will debuff their to hit and back out using life drain to top up hp.

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