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Void Sanction stuck clues


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Hiya, I'm stuck with four clues from the Void Sanction arc in Brickstown. I did it as I was leveling, I think, a couple years ago. Since then, the first four clues that last between missions have gotten stuck at the top of my list. I was hoping running the arc in Ouro would fix it but nope. The Major is still in my inactive contacts list and also still has the arc icon, but it's just the same end-of-contact message. I've switched alignments all around, to no avail.


Unfortunately, as long as it's been since then, I don't exactly know what steps it would take to reproduce. I remember seeing the final screen of it, though, with the Up And Away message, but I also seem to remember there was some interruption along the way. I talked to a GM and it's beyond their power to just take the clues away from me or otherwise fix the problem, so they asked me to post here to see what devs can do.


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