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Gravity / Storm


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I am LOOOOOOOVING this build.  Wormhole alone makes this a super fun character to play.  There's something satisfying about teaming with people and dropping entire swarms of evil NPC's into AOE combos.  Clear time is SO much faster with well thought out wormhole drops and the damage actually isn't that bad either with all the AOE's in this kit. 


I am REALLY struggling to decide if I want to keep Hurricane in my kit.  It just seems so counter intuitive to map control.  I REALLY wish I could somehow turn off the repel portion of this ability.  Is it worth it?  I haven't hit 50 yet (currently level 42) so maybe in high level content against big evils it may be worth it?


Also, does anybody have an over the top OP build for a gravity / storm controller?  I feel like mine is pretty good but looking for some other perspectives on optimal builds.  




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