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Pandora's Box Second Story Arc Issues


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Contact: Antonio Nash

Mission: Meet with Azuria (Part Three)

Issues: After defeating Odysseus the ambush that spawns are level 45 Warriors, instead of level 50, resulting in no XP being granted. All other mobs are set to the mission difficulty.


This was done via O-zone, but as I was level 50, it shouldn't have affected the mobs. Mission did complete before ambush arrived, as I talked to Azuria already before the ambush spawned.


Contact: Same as Above

Mission: Part Four: High in Demand

Issue: PString entry from James Harvan before the fight with Ghost Widow towards the end of the mission.


Same thing, done with O-zone.


Tagging @Cobalt Arachne just to add more to their plate.

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Isn’t that ambush after the mish is complete?

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