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I have Base Block - Lookin for suggestions


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I am buildin a perma base on Excel and I'm stuck.


Base is a underwater cavern with a military style decoration. Everything is mostly done except the control/overlook HQ, which is being placed on the

round silo platform (See last pic).


I've built a lot of bases and I am tryin not to repeat what I've done in the past but for the life of me I cannot figure out a good command center.


This is not for the contest and nor do I want to copy someone else's.


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. Pics will be helpful










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WooT! I finished this base up this mornin and quite happy with the end product. I was goin to post a kabillion  pics but figured I'd just post the base code instead and let whoever that is interested to take a tour.

Server - Excel

Base Style - Military Sub Base

SG Name - Invaders

Basecode - INV-25132




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