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Homage to Naruto


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7 hours ago, smnolimits43 said:

What sets to pair with ???  I was thinking Illusion for Shadow Clone Jutsu, but i'm not sure about the secondary.  What do you guys think ??


Naruto specifically or the anime itself?


Earth/Martial for a nice Gaara homage 🙂


However, if you want to go Naruto...Illusion/Martial seems like the right choice.

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alright, i decided to go controller, picked Illusion/Storm, and i just hit lvl 34.  I think its time for a respec.  I'm gonna drop Group Invis, Thunder Clap, and 02 Boost.

I want to pick up Teleport, and drop Super Jump.  Might want to move this post to the controller forums.

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